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The non-voiced Lego Games were all great, Star Wars, Indiana, Batman, Harry Potter, Pirates
Then as soon as they start speaking the soul is immediately gone and replaces well-designed linear levels with a trash open world
Do ADHD kids really

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These games have never been good

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Lego games are more fun when they’re exploration based, like Lego Island.

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Yes they were

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Not really retro but Harry Potter 1-4 is the best lego game
It's the only one that realized neither the fighting and vehicle sections are fun so it ditched both

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I'll buy the Skywalker Saga if it comes with a non-voiced option.

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There was something magical about the demo of the phantom menace LEGO game.

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>game constantly spoonfeeds every puzzle to you
>combat is even slower and clunkier than the old ones
Nah man playing mute doesnt save modern lego games

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theres a charm to the old grunts & gestures but (for me at least) I rather like the original stories they can tell useing speech, the Marvel & DC games have continued to be great fun even without he old style storytelling the lack of voices gave. Of course whatever your opinions on that matetr are are all valid but I think most can agree that the real failure in the Lego games was lego worlds & to a lesser degree lego movie 2 which was full of leftover ideas from worlds it seemed

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That game is great fun.
Sadly everything after that not so much. I hate that they ruined the vehicle levels.

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>I hate that they ruined the vehicle levels.
The vehicle levels are the worst part about this game

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The original two Star Wars and Indiana Jones games are some of the fondest memories of gaming I have, playing co-op with my brother.

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Lego games went downhill with the licensed garbage. Their own ones had a lot more charm

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