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Was SEGA that popular in UK?
I always thought they just had (unironically) the Speccy and the Commodore Amiga.
Didn't think Mega Drive, Saturn, or Dreamcast was that popular

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Spectrum and Commodore were the 80s. Mega Drive, Saturn and Dreamcast were the 90s.

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Master System and Mega Drive yes.
Saturn was overshadowed by Playstation but the magazine lasted until 99.
Dreamcast flopped despite the Arsenal shirt.

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Is the Sega building still on the Hammersmith flyover or did they leave it? I used to remember getting ridiculously excited seeing it when I was a child.

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until the Playstation, yeah

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I wonder how much they paid for that season and whether or not that was a factor in their failure

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Football manager is Sega

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I preferred it when it was Championship Manager

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I was the only person I knew who got a Dreamcast, and that was after it already flopped and was super cheap. Saturn was practically non-existent. The complete opposite to the PS1.

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Most famous Saturn game in UK

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you know a lot of people blame the Dreamcast for bankrupting Sega but it's really all the Saturn's fault. How the FUCK are you going to ship units without a killer app featuring your ultra-cool and hip mascot Sonic? NiGHTS was a fucking joke.
And don't tell me it was because the DC didn't have DVD playback while the PS2 did. GC didn't either and it was successful based on IP and games alone.

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I've never even seen a Saturn in person. I even played the CDI and AmigaCD in the mid 90s but never saw a Saturn.

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Dreamcast flopped because it didnt have FIFA

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as a kid in the early 00's asking around on the internet about the saturn, most saturn owners I met were from England.

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The UK is like an alternate dimension to me. It does seem like a place that accepted arcade-styled gameplay. That would explain how Core worked magic on the Sega MegaCD in making SoulStar and Lombotomy made some nice FPS ports to the Saturn. I remember enjoying the humor of UK:Resistance website, as all their previews of DOA2 on the Dreamcast was life bars drawn over lesbian porn. It is strange but the timeline corrected itself and gaming is all Xbox there now.

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>gaming is all Xbox there now
Sony has dominated the UK every console generation aside from the early 360 era. It's no different here to the rest of Europe.

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Sonic > Mario in UK

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Classic Sonic>Mario in UK
Only spastics played the post-Mega Drive games, while almost every family had a Wii and a DS

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Matt Le Tissier was so excited about the idea of Street Fighter 2 on the Mega Drive, he went snd did this...

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The Megadrive was popular. The level of popularity is not very different to the US.

As for pic-related Sega were notorious for blowing their budget on dubious and gimmicky excessive marketing campaigns. They had "dreamcast" written across the home Arsenal jerseys for years. It's fine if your target audience supports the football team you're putting the brand on, but if you dislike Arsenal then you're probably not going to want to buy it as much.

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that was a fucking cracker, especially for that era

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>120 voted Sonic
>105 voted Mario
Besides, London is so detached from the rest of the UK that this kind of poll is useless.

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And yet no FIFA or PES on the Dreamcast, bit of an own goal really.

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Nobody has Nintendo except for girls Will. Everyone had Sony systems (except for raely 360 era) and those systems have Sonic not Mario

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Even Saturn had football games by Sega, EA and Konami

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Didn't EA exclude the Dreamcast because of the Sega Sports games? I think I read somewhere that Sega Sports put their nose out of joint.
Also, Winning Eleven 3? Was supposed to be in development for DC, Sony probably put a stop to that... Gits!

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SEGA Sports existed on MD and Saturn. EA were pissed because Bernie killed the Saturn prematurely and didnt want to bother with DC

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I only got a PS2 when they were cheap towards the mid 2000s because I was getting into JRPGs, Ace Combat, robot games and such and wanted to play some older PS1 titles. Before then I had a Gamecube. Then next gen I got an Xbox 360, before finally just going to PC when I could afford to build a proper one. My sister on the other hand loved Sony because it had all the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts stuff out for it and was the only person in our family to buy a PS3 and 4.

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Hes quoting the Inbetweeners

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Oh right. I had stopped watching television around 2008 and while I don't regret, it has come to mean I've been pretty culturally isolated from things.

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They used to do some advertising masterplays, sponsoring the F1 driver who, after taking a sabbatical year in 1992 (he was sacked from Ferrari the previous year), would en up winning the 1993 F1 championship.


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I've never seen a saturn or a dreamcast (preference had shifted dramatically to the PS1 by then) but mega drive was huge.

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megadrive was very popular and also ps1. i only knew 1 kid that had a dreamcast

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Nintendo must have been popular in Italy..

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Gabriel Batistuta. Back when Fiorentina were one of the top teams of Serie A. When Italian defenders had licence to kill and only monstrous genuises like Batistuta, Baggio and Maradona could prevail. By god Ronaldo and Messi wouldn't last long playing the real old football.

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Commodore were also big in Germany

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