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Games where the end content becomes an empty husk of what it started out as?

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What do you mean? Not just that the game is ultimately disappointing or peters out?

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As if the developers ran out of time/steam and the game becomes bland or lacking.

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a lot of RPGs feel front-loaded

As for action games, Splatterhouse 2 starts ok but every level gets a little worse, until you have stages that are nothing but standing in a featureless non-scrolling box and punching floating heads. They must have been rushed.

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Vampire the Masquerade

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Lionheart after Barcelona.

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I'll say FF6(3US) for SNES.

The whole front campaign is compelling and you are on a mission. When you reach the WOR, there is no direction at all. While it is open and the segments it has are nice, it would be nice for some narrative to have been included during the second half.

Also, I guess as a kid I didn't really clue into it, but after my last replay the esper levelling system is weird. I'm not a min/maxer (anymore) so I didn't buy into it. Beat the game easily at a normal level no level 99 grinding.

But back in my completionism best stats days that would have activated my almonds.

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Plus the towns in WOR mostly look the same with almost no differences.

Great alternative world lol.

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deus ex

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Yeah, this is the main problem. Everywhere just sort of feels like someone walked in and upturned some tables or something, instead of the area being, well... ruined.

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Additionally late game FFVI is when the characters lose their uniqueness and it's just "everyone learns the best magic and spams high level spells".

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You had an entirely different map and there were a few places that were actually ruined.
SNES was doing it's best.

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Ya know, maybe I'm giving the game too much credit but I always felt that was the point.
>The War of the Magi was so destructive it set the world back 1000 years
>Magic destroyed the world now because some jackass pushed a few statues.
>Holding these green rocks are making all of us stupid powerful
>...maybe getting rid of magic isn't the worst idea....
Like it was thematic that the more Magicite you got your hands on the stronger you became, to the point where you were fighting gods at the top of a tower.

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>As if the developers ran out of time/steam and the game becomes bland or lacking.

Twinsanity, Mind of Mutant Crash of the Titans

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>first three worlds lovingly written and detailed
>last world rushed, almost no story
>most high level magic is useless or redundant
Secret of Evermore is still one of the comfiest RPGs ever, but there was so much more that could be done. The game is basically unfinished.

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Not only that, I remember hearing that they played with the idea of having expansion modules for it that you'd plug on top of the cart but that plan fell through.
I guess those two peculiar islands on the world map are remains of that concept.

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