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Last thread hit the bump limit.

This thread is to discuss the Mister project itself and FPGA emulation of classic consoles and computers in general.

Latest updates:

- OSD: backspace to clear FC option.
- Add OSD_MSG flag for non-interactive windows (for cores having pause when OSD is open).
- input: fix wrong dir creation.
- SID: use common adjusted resonance table.
- SID: add curve generator (in release folder, use web browser to generate curves).
- Automatic reset before PRG loading.
- Add pause option when OSD is opened.
- keyboard: map extended PS/2 keys, swap pound/arrow-up keys.
- C1541: support fast disk access through parallel mode (Dolphin, SpeedDOS), extended 8KB RAM and up to 24KB ROM support.
- C1541: various fixes and tweaks.
- Option to load System ROM (fixed-name boot.rom isn't required anymore).
- Option to disable memory clear upon reset (to use some debuggers).
- Option to release keys upon reset (to prevent automatic enter to debugger in some ROMs like Dolphin).
- Fix TOD(RTC) clock.
- DolphinDOS and SpeedDOS are provided (abandon-ware) as an option for System ROM.
- Other fixes and tweaks. Please read updated ReadMe!
Note: you have to update Main to latest one (or PRG loading will hang)!

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Shill thread? Shill thread.

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It sure is.

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OP got butt hurt that they were made fun of for using the same picture every time.

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No thanks mister, I will not be paying for your shitty emulator

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