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> emulator save/load is cheating and takes all the fun away from the game
> but built-in save/load feature is totally okay and ability to reload your every step to perfect failproof playthrough is intended by the devs
Can someone explain me that retarded logic?

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>ok to play game where there's infinite ammo
>using infinite ammo code is cheating
makes no sense

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Can't tell if trolling or just retarded.

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I can tell. You're retarded.

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imagine using an emulator instead of just buying the game. pathetic

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Generally, action/skill oriented games don't have step by step saving. Only level by level saving, or checkpoint utilization.

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>context doesn't matter
I guess that's why it's not gay when you gargle ballsacks behind the gas station, OP.

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By that logic TAS should be qualified as normal speedrun btw

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Yeah DOOM isn't piss easy when you save every second and Battletoads is. You know, C O N T E X T .

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the thing is in Battletoads you are either dead or not dead, whereas in Doom just because you're alive doesn't mean you haven't pissed away a bunch of ammo/life unnecessarily. in fact reloading until you pass an area with minimal resource loss can be a barrier to progress.

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Honestly, who the fuck cares what others think?

If you want to save/load/cheat whatever while playing a game by yourself, then do it.

Cheating is only bad if it's some competitive multiplayer where you are giving yourself an unfair advantage.

Otherwise do whatever makes the game fun for you.

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>do whatever makes the game fun for you.
Is that what I'm supposed to be achieving with these? You guys should really put up a sticky explaining that.

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>Can someone explain me?
The developer is god and your gay if you don't play the way god intended.

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>moonjump code in OoT is cheating
>but Kirby can jump all he wants and its totally okay and intended by the devs
Explain this retarded logic, chuds

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>Not being able to spot bait that obvious.
Can't tell if trolling or just retarded.

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Game mechanics =/= cheating, stop pretending to be stupid.

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So if I reload in Battletoads to lose less helath then it's not cheating? Cool!

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>saving your game so that you don't have to complete a game in a single sitting (a game which might be anywhere from 6 hours to 60) is a cheat and not part of how the game is played, just because you can't restrain yourself

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At this point, I don't even give a shit anymore. The problem with save/load state, when I cared, is that it's feels weird saying how some part was hard to pass because every time I died, I'd have to do that stage again(or the whole game again because limited continues), but for someone that was using save/load state, he just had to redo that part again. So, imo, the challenge was not the same because the stakes were not the same. Having to redo a whole stage or even a whole game is more suffering than just that single part, which makes a hard part even more hard. And yes, I dislike even built-in save/load game, What can I do, I'm an arcade fag after all. Limited continues or no continue at all, you die, you start from beginning again.
But now, I don't even care anymore, I lost the will to discuss hard games with people because of that. I'm here just to get recommendations or talk about puzzles, shmups(also to get recommendations and how to approach some part in game X) and how I miss playing on arcade. Talking about how game Y is hard makes no sense for me anymore. Yes, it's cope.

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uh sure dude whatever you want

well man with arcade games I just save state or rewind whenever I feel like it, if I ever git gud enough to finish on one credit that's great and if not that's pretty nice too. if I have to have an asterisk next to my high score because I used performance-enhancing emulator features to get where I am, I guess I'll live with it. I'm mostly too shit and impatient to 1cc an arcade game solely by playing a physical cab, oh well.

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>> emulator save/load is cheating and takes all the fun away from the game
Indeed. I think there's a few fuckers on Street Fighter Anniversary online arcade that have found a way to either pause the game very during a match, or they're using controllers with dedicated moves. I'm pretty good, but I know I don't cheat and I'm only a yellow belt.

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Well, man, you do what you enjoy. Simple as that. 1cc is probably the best thing you can do with an arcade. Using save state for that makes no sense and whoever does that is just lying to himself. Now, using save state to finish a game or even train, well if you like that do it(I don't find that fun, anyway) then. No one would 1cc on game using save state, it would defeat the whole concept of doing 1cc.

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The save state feature is actually a bit more dangerous than the built-in save feature, because you can save the state at a very bad moment you can't get out of and lose the entire thing.

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This is why the rewind feature is a godsend as well as a curse.

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/vr/ really cannot handle questions about what is or isn't cheating. I mean there are sane people here but too many of you are complete idiots. Is there any point to people like that?

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What's your beef, troony?

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Oh boy I sure do love posting about savestate being bad and then savescumming my way through Blood.

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the beef got cut in half, flipped inside out and shoved back into his torso by Doctor Hank Holf Wackadoodle.

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That's sad that people can't understand that savestating isn't a problem but absence of logic is. You either say they both savestating and save/load features are cheating or you consider both of them to be fair play. Everything else is nonsense.

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You know what's a fun game? Cabal.

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Mortal Kombat had no save load

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Saving/Loading is only cheating if you abuse it, akin to credit-feeding.

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>caring about how other people play video games outside of a competitive setting

Shiggy my niggy

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Mostly based, but I still say that adding a credit to Moon Patrol is *not* beating the game even if you finish it.

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>accidentally lose like a dumbass in Mega Man Battle Network and last save was hours ago
>rewind function fucking refuses to work even after setting the interval
Fuck you just allow me to cheat this once

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Sub Zero and Scorpion are like metaphorical representatives of savestates and save/load. Because you know they are the same just different colors.

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"Haha man just save after every kill as we intended" (c) Romero
Wise words from wise man.

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Your allowed to cheat, nobody is stopping you, but you didn't honestly beat the game if you save scum.

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I've never played a game that would let you save on every whim, even Rhapsody wouldn't let you save during battles.
Emulation and piracy aren't interchangeable.

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I mean like, you start the game, and you insert maybe up to 1USD in quarters, even with MAME. Just assume that you'd have that much in pocket change, it's not far-fetched that you would with a real machine back in the day, and then you'll try to get as far as you can without adding more.

If you were to add more after running out, that would almost be like cheating, akin to abusing saves right before one part to get the exact desired outcome, then saving immediately after clearing it. My rationale is that you're almost bruteforcing the game and just banging your head against the wall until you progress, rather than really learning the game so that you can progress it for real.

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I ain't buying a whole arcade machine to play NARC, you reseller faggot, the game isn't good enough for that.

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Enjoy never having beaten the game for real, emulation scum.

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Go ahead, but I would suggest you try it again one day to get closure.

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credit feeding even if only a dollar isn't actually beating the game. But its a good start.

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I fully agree. I've done just that and still do, but if I'm feeling hardcore I want it to be a 1CC.
When I finally got "ADMIRAL" on Star Wars Trilogy on 50 cents, I felt like a titan.

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NARC is the epitome of unfair quarter-muncher, though, so that is one of the few games were credit-feeding is justified.
Smash TV and Total Carnage are on that list as well.

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By the way what is savescumming? Saving 5 times during a level? 10? 15? Before every door? Why do people keep making up stupid terms to justify their low skill? "Yes, I use quicksaves but I don't savescum" sounds like "Yes, I cheat slightly less than the others so I feel like I don't cheat". Stop lying to yourself and git gud.

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Sure, but some games are really hard, and you gotta start somewhere. If you start with a limit you can acclimate yourself to the fact that there's a limit, one that's permissive, and then work yourself towards doing it with less credits as you get better.
Assuming that's how you enjoy playing.


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Save scumming vs save states:

>Save scumming is saving at a safe point, fucking up, then going back and doing it right and sometimes even concealing that one has done so.

>Save states are legit it used in place of a password or if it's skipping needless repetition that's already been mastered, but that last point is contentious.

Btw, Billy Mitchell save summed his famous "The King of Kong" Donkey Kong score and it's been proven beyond any doubt and he would lose in court.

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>My rationale is that you're almost bruteforcing
I think the same. You will finish the game because every time you insert a credit on Mame, you can move one step closer to the end of the game. It's the same as giving infinite life for the player. It's cheating, either you like it or not.
But it's up to you if you care about that or not.
For myself, I like to put a limit. I tend to see the average I used to pay on arcades, the current price in some arcades nearby and so on. If I couldn't pay for more than X credits than I'll not feed more than X credits on Mame. It's autism, yes, but it feels better when I have to be careful playing the game since my continues are limited. That is one of the reasons I like port of arcades to old consoles, they all had limited continues, so either I learn the game or I'll never finish it.

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>you gotta start somewhere
Hey I'm of the opinion that using save states to practice is ok as long as its disciplined. Using a save state is not beating a game, but if you use it as a tool to eventually get a 1CC without save states then its all good. Same can be true of disciplined credit feeding.

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> using saves at safe points like checkpoints bad
> skipping sections and levels good
God you're retarded.

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The ending screen of a game is a reward for me. I want to be reward watching the ending screen thanks to my hard work and skills, not my endurance and patience. Save/load state makes finishing the game a chore. I'll finish the game, no matter how shit I'm because I'll never see the game over screen and restart the game. Yes, credit feeding in Mame is exactly the same as save/load state, you will also be able to see the ending just by having "infinite lives".
On that, I wonder why people using save/load state wouldn't just use some infinite life/invincible cheat and done. Having your character invincible and always floating(so he doesn't fall in endless pit) in Castlevania IS the same as using save/load state. Prove me wrong.

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If you use built-in save loads besides checkpoints and autosaves you can't say you've beaten the game

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My FFX game got saved right before a boss fight with no option to go back and level up a bit more.
My team wasn't strong enough to finish the fight...

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>My rationale is that you're almost bruteforcing the game and just banging your head against the wall until you progress
That's basically how games work though. You keep trying and trying until muscle memory remembers how to dodge things and get everything just right to win.

That's basically the point of arcade machines to keep you trying and trying so you put more and more money in slowly getting better each time.

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I understand you, but 4chan is filled to the brim with the "edgy boys". I'm not into hard games, but just try to ignore the shitheads and see if you find people with the same tastes than you. I'm sure you'll find something nice, among a few posts calling you a "tard", "tist", "fag" and stuff, just pay them no mind, or, else, you'll stop posting altogether. After all, even a simple post like "can you recommend me X game" receive answers ranging from "lol tard likes this stuff" to "recommend your mom".

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Good choice of words: "honestly beat". Cheating or not, you can beat the game. It's just a matter if you like doing it by the rules or not. Since no one gains from arguing about this, I can't see much purpose.

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>what is save scumming
Watch NakaTeleeli's R-Type series, that is scrub tier tactics bro. But at least the scrub admits he's a scrub.

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Games with built in save were designed with it in mind.

Games without were not. How hard is this to understand?

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ITT: idiots with no reading comprehension that think they're above it all.

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