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I was trying to play Civilization II but it doesn't feel very intuitive, perhaps i'm just retarded but even with that little of a tutorial i don't feel like i'm getting that much of it.
Do you have any suggestions?
I actually played the game first on the Playstation back in 1999 or so but i don't remember that much cause i played it just for a short time, and it was long time ago anyway, btw feel free to post your thoughts about that port.
Anyway, I'm playing the Multiplayer Gold edition, It kinda sucks cause there's no music, it needs the CD for that.
I'm actually interested on trying the Test of Time edition and even more Alpha Centauri, but if you have any thoughts really, i'm pretty much open to play any retro Civilization game even IV, I'm actually thirsty about this kind of stuff rn and i wouldn't mind to try Rise Of Nations again after so many years.

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I just realized Test of Time is just something on its own?

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Call to Power 2

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btw what did Activision mean by that?

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Read the manual?
They literally made the AI do it and it became better

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1. Install the UI Additions launcher:

2. RTFM:

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Alpha Centauri is GOAT, I never could get into the "proper" civs but played SMAC all the time just a few years ago. Also try Master Of Magic, very nice game.

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It's basically the same game but uglier.

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Civilization games are complicated. Read a manual and/or keep trying until you get it. Or give up on yourself if that seems appropriate and shift to Brain Age for the DS for some anti-retardation training.

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They relatively simple as far as 4X games go.

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Is there a ui scale mode for iv? I want to go back to it, but shits tiny at modern resolutions.

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>perhaps i'm just retarded

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I think it's pretty common for mods to mess around with that sort of thing? I don't know. I played it recently (with mods) at 1920x1080 and had no trouble. And I know the mods messed with the scaling of some things. Dunno whether you're thinking of a higher resolution than that though. And I don't remember exactly what got scaled or how. But it turned out fine, whatever it was.

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You can always just lower the in game resolution.

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pretty cool thx anon

yeah i think i'm definitely gonna try that next and now that you mentioned it Master Of Magic as well
also Master of Orion all pretty cool thank you

I even wonder how the fuck did i play this shit on playstation back when i was 12 desu

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>I even wonder how the fuck did i play this shit on playstation back when i was 12 desu

Sometimes kids can have a lot of fun playing games they don't even understand, just messing around in them like somebody causing random havoc in Grand Theft Auto while ignoring the missions. I used to play Koei war games as a kid and never get anywhere in them - I totally sucked. But I had fun anyway, just randomly taxing peasants and marrying my children off and sending spies to neighboring territories and buying textiles from Uighurs. It was fun just to try the different options and see the little animations and crap. I would have done something like that in Civilization probably. Maybe it was kinda like that for you?

Or maybe you were a strategic whiz and then a concussion ruined your mind and now you're super dumb, I don't know.

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Yeah definitely, pretty much what you said there, and it was actually pretty addictive too you know, cause you were like ok well i think i'm getting this, yeah it's fun, c'mon one more turn lol, and you never stop.
But eventually there was a lot of stuff for a 12 years old kid to play back in the day especially on playstation, i mean, we're talking about 1999, new generation 3D era, and especially if you didn't have some peers to share your experiences with sometimes you know, perhaps you'd go back to school next day, talk to your friends, you know i've been playing this game, and they go wut┬┐ lol, eventually fun doesn't last that long i guess.
But again i really am super stressed and super dumb now, there's no whiz here, but still, i'm giving it a try, i feel like playing this kind of stuff rn.

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>Alpha Centauri
>Master Of Magic
OP is filtered by Civ2. These two great but more complicated games than Civ2 getting suggested. Why?

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This, I was a kid and played a lot on psx without understanding the language. I somehow figured the game out by trial and error and was able to win few times. It was fun not getting it entirely, my fav part was the throneroom upgrading.
Also this. Once you figure one civ game out, you will understand most od them, but the entry level can be dull.

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I play Civ 2 PS1 on smartphone.
I love this game (especially in mobile) neither too simple (CivRev) nor too complicated.

But the AI is completely fuck up. whatever I do, it ends in nuclear war before I launch the spaceship.

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