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I'm looking for shit about Rygar and found this speedrun video with this guy who is so fucking autistic I can't stand it.


Ever watch a speedrun and it's max cringe?

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>Ever watch a speedrun and it's max cringe?
thats all of them

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I guess you're right. Maybe I haven't watched them in a while and just shocked how this guy trips over his own feet so much.

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I stumbled across some neat Rygar content not too long ago. There's a channel about orchestrated rearrangements of vg music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMmvZfKkgQ4

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DESU I heard the music when he got to that part and I thought it was just generic Guile's Theme stuff. Maybe it's that one riff that's in all famous pop music just played at a different tone.

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>looking for game footage on youtube for /vr/ games
>the best footage sometimes happens to be speed runs
>have to mute it to avoid hearing about someone's sob story
I remember when speed runs were just gameplay videos with no commentary

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>people cringe at a guy who doesn't speak like a dudebro
Is this a bait thread, OP?

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You know very well even non-dude bros do not talk like that.

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Dude. Just think about what practicing for a speedrun entails. Theyre spending hours a day for years playing the same game over and over again just to shave fractions of a second off their total time. Of course its going to attract strange people.

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But do semi-obscure games (I guess that's what Rygar is because I have a hard time finding stuff on it) attract weirder people? This guy is far worse than some I've seen.

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