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Everyone had these low rent gameboys way back when. What was yours?

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They were the vidya equivalent of Pogs.

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Never got what was cool about slamming a bunch of cardboard circles.

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I actually played Tiger Double Dragon II until I managed to beat the piece of shit. All it did was play a slightly different ending sound (instead of the game over sound) and unceremoniously end. I guess I should've expected that.

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Ya. I only had Ninja Gaiden and memory is fuzzy but I remember it being a pain in the ass to play.

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I had X-Men, and one based on Batman: The Animated series that had cards you could scan through.

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I had a few but this is the only one I kept

it's nothing like actual pinball of course, you just press the button when the ball is on top of the paddle and it goes somewhere randomly

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The look on the other kids face when you walk away with most of his pogs.

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I had a weird street fighter one that had cards you swiped.

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I had this megaman 2 one. Itttt fucking suuuuuuuucked but I loved megaman so my autism was sated on long carrides

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I think I had Double Dragon, as I remember it being one of the Tiger handhelds. However, in my mind, I could have swore I had Wizards & Warriors.

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I don't think I ever had any Tiger brand ones specifically. I had a ton of these old LCD games back in the day, though.
Picrel was my favorite one. It was a VR Troopers handheld with 2 interchangeable cartridges.
JEB'S RESCUE is a standard left to right bmup
JB'S BATTLE (my favorite of the 2) was continuous rounds of melee fighting against squads of standard enemies broken up by bosses (one boss, repeatedly, but harder).

Also had a shitton of Blackjack ones of all different types because I'm an autist.

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This was mine.
I always wanted the Tiger Mega Man games

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You'da had'a been there

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I bought one of these things (or similar, there being a billion of them) nearly every single week for what must've been a year or more. They wouldn't last for more than a week or two before the button membranes failed or the screen died or god knows what went wrong with the thing.
They used to be $10 and for $10 I'd buy a more modern version of the same piece of shit.

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I was there. Just didn't get it.

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I found mine! Didn't know how obscure it was, but it's one of the first image results for "electronic racing game". Good memories playing this in the backseat of the car driving my parents crazy with the incessant high pitched beeping

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You had to watch it because other kid's would try to trade you their tmnt or batman ones and then run off with your Karnov game. Kid's were just crazy about Karnov then.

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I can still hear it.

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64 bits

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I had like a 90s re-issue of this one, same controls —looks like the same game but mine was in a vertical orientation. Was actually really fun, but I love racers like this to begin with.

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I was never tempted since I knew they sucked and while they had a reputation of being for "poor kids" they were rather expensive, I think each of them likely cost the same as a game boy game or close to it so I never saw the benefit of getting that over a GB cartridge instead.

I had something similar where you could change the "cartridges" one of them was about a pirate. I played it for 5 mins

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That’s just the way fads are, just look at the Furbies.

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This was the white collar version of marbles. It was all about asserting your dominance and taking your opponent's collection with a shit eating grin

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Got this as a gift from relatives who had no idea what to get me. Didn't play it for like two years and eventually unearthed in my junk box. The fighting was okay but the driving was ridiculous.

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Anyone else have the xmen one? This was the only one I had I'd play in preference of gameboy or gamegear.

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I had the Batman 1989 movie one.

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Sonic 3 and duck tales

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Bro's I got fucking sucked into this thing.

Tiger R-Zone.

Thought I was a badass Terminator, instead I got terminated.

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I wish I could remember the name, but it was military game that reminded me of Guerilla War on NES. You were on the bottom of the screen and soldiers rushed towards you. I think they had 2 frames, near and far. Maybe a helicopter/tank enemy would show up sometimes?

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The first one I got was for my birthday and it was Sonic. I actually got the Ninja Gaiden one later.

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I had several but this one was my favorite. All you could do was bat on it, as I recall, but that was fine since batting is the only fun thing in baseball.

Even after I got a Gameboy in 1995 I'd return to this game as it was very simple and quick to play but still fun.

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>long carrides
Right. That's exactly what these were good for. I think a lot of younger folks don't realize that when you were a kid in the early 90s you often found yourself in situations where you literally had nothing to do for long stretches of time. Tiger handhelds were perfect for just filling in the gap and preventing an 8 year old from having a bitch fit from spending several hours in the back seat of a car.

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Mortal Kombat 1 (it was black and had Goro and I think Kano on it)
Super Street Fighter 2 (It was red and had Ken, T Hawk, Fei Long, Cammy, Guile, and Dee Jay on it)
X-Men (I don't remember what it looked like, but I remember you played as Wolverine)
I think I also had a Sonic 3 one, but I might be misremembering. Don't remember any gameplay from it.

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I always liked the long design better, it leaves more room for the cool artwork which was really the only redeeming feature these games had

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>batting is the only fun thing in baseball

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I had Baseball, Football and Pinball. I'd have to agree about Baseball being the most fun out of those three. Although Pinball was surprisingly fun for an LCD game.

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>shows the jailbait green haired butt and the vixen's boobs


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I had those. and they were fucking awesome.

but no one preserved them where i live.

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found this at a thrift store a couple years ago

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forgot image

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i had the op one, was ok for lcd handhelds, but as always no match for game&watches.

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What do you think of Hasbro bringing some of them back?
I think it's kinda cute. I mean it's obviously a retro market nostalgia cash grab but still, these things are iconic and I really like that in these days of mobile full color gaming devices they bring old technology back in this context (LCD tech in itself is of course still widely used for numbers etc).

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I had pic related and the original Double Dragon. At the time, they were fun, for what they were.

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I had the Street Fighter version

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Owned all of these and like a dozen others. Simon's Quest was god tier. Double Dragon was by far the worst.

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wtf 5 seconds ago I had absolutely no recollection of this thing existing but as soon as I saw that shape and color scheme years worth of repressed memories came back and I can remember this fucker as if I had just played it

this must be what it's like when you wake up one morning and remember being raped by your uncle as a kid

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Holy shit this looks awesome I wish I grew up with one

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I had one o’ these bad boys.

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Say what you will about Tiger handhelds, these pieces of shit had infinitely more soul than any of the trash you'll find on your phone's app store.

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>tiger handheld
>"how do we make this worse?"

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This one is actually one of the more fun LCD games i've played

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The Power Rangers one was the GOAT.

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Motherfucker, I remember that game. For some reason I was convinced as a kid that if I played long enough I would reach the castle in the distance.

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I have that one, it's not as bad as I expected

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why does it look like the black one is about to punch the shit out of his asian girlfriend who's desperately trying to defend herself

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you can play a lot of these in mame game and watch also you need the artwork files though

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where can I get roms of all these Tiger electronics games? Also, is there an emulator for them? Are there roms for Game & Watch and Konami handhelds too? Where?

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32 bits

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I had one or two, I think. Can't remember which ones. Maybe Sonic?

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I had a couple of them. The Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat 3 ones.
They were both complete garbage.
My parents tried to talk me into buying anything else with my money, but I wouldn't listen. Tiger had some of the best marketing around back then.

I think the Street Fighter one was $20 and the MK3 one was even more. That was enough to buy a used or discounted game back then.

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I wonder how many kids fapped to those boobs

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The design of the packaging and the handheld itself was superb. The commercials were some of the best around, far better than console games, and they played a lot more often.

The brand probably has enough nostalgia in it to have a successful resurgence. A handheld with a standard LCD screen that has 30 of them built in would probably sell pretty well. Then you could release another one with another 30 and so on.

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>The brand probably has enough nostalgia in it to have a successful resurgence

They're still actively manufacturing reproductions of their top sellers.

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Nintendo made the Super Mario Bros. game and watch.
You could do the same thing with other recognizable brand names and iconic games.

I don't think a recreation of the original old school Tiger LCD handhelds would sell. It would need a LCD and a real game in it.

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well I guess I'm wrong>>7859925

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>I don't think a recreation of the original old school Tiger LCD handhelds would sell
anon, I...

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Unironically surprised that they found dude in China who still had the equipment to manufacture those displays

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>the background images for sonic and the little mermaid are swapped on the packaged versions
>not on the open displays

so much wat

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Keeping the tradition of Tiger Quality alive

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Wait a minute...Tiger can get away with producing/releasing Sonic 3, but Sega can't do it on PS4/Xbox One/Xbox Series X/PS5/Sega Genesis mini?

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This triggered a memory for me. I remember having one with that brick game and a bunch of others on it. It might've been that exact one actually

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run them in mame and download the artworks from progrettosnaps it was over 1gb i think last time


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Anyone remember those non-electronic ones filled with water? You had to use squeeze the buttons to create bubbles and push rings.

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I want to play that Transformers LCD now. Damn.

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I really doubt they relicensed it, whatever license they had back in the day for that one handheld probably hasn't expired yet

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>"mom, I want the little mermaid"
>"no, we have the little mermaid at home"
>the little mermaid at home

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Tomy Waterfuls?

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>tfw you will never play Tiger exclusives like The Little Hedgehog 3 or Sonic the Mermaid

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