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Yeah, that's right. I've never seen a single thread about this computer, so I'm making one now. This poor thing was so neglected by Tandy and the commercial market that most of the best arcade ports on it are clones. This is the version without the terrible chicklet keyboard.

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They tried selling it in the UK but the home computer market was so saturated it never had a chance.

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I mean, what are you even gonna play on one of these things? Thy Dungeonman?

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I dunno about that one, but the CoCo 3 actually seems pretty powerful, like an Apple IIgs or an MSX2

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Yeah, most software was written for the CoCo 1 and 2, though.

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even the ZX Spectrum got the support of major publishers and all the big AAA games. the CoCo was stuck with weird shit made by Bert and Edna's Softworks in Dead Cow Creek, Nebraska. also issue is that the CoCo had a god-level CPU but not a commonly used one outside some arcade games so nobody knew how to program it while Z80 coders were a dime a dozen in the 80s.

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>Bert and Edna's Softworks in Dead Cow Creek, Nebraska
That was funny the first time you posted it

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Best place to find some games for this thing. And there's a surprising amount.


Lots of screenshots and review/info.

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Radio Shack being Texas-based meant that the user base and support structure for their computers was more centered in the Midwest and as anon said, yes it was very low budget hacky stuff made by mail order software houses that were often little more than one guy in his living room.

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How can I actually emulate the CoCo? I've found quite a few standalone emulators for the other TRS-80 systems, but the only CoCo emulation strategy I know of involves screwing around with MAME or MESS

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VCC is a CoCo 3 emulator

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There's VCC and xroar. xroar has a better composite simulation mode and can require some command line fuckery (it doesn't save options).

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>I've never seen a single thread about this computer, so I'm making one now.
But why?

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>Yeah, that's right. I've only been here a few days.
Summer already I see

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How many times have you played an official port/conversion that sucked ass? A lot of times other systems were stuck with trash.

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Those games have a charm of their own, though.

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I'm actually interested. What cool exclusives are there for each TRS-80 gen, anon ?

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Most of the exclusives are text adventures with graphics.

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Radio Shack decided to only have a small selection of games available at their stores, so there were either tons of games, or just a few games depending on whether you had a subscription to Rainbow or something like that.
Going back through old magazines it’s crazy how much stuff was out there that I never saw.
Official games had some high points, Dungeons of Daggorath, a joust game with Pegasi, a bunch of early to mid Infocom games (I played hitchhikers guide on a coco).
Because the system has no sprite hardware it was pretty much mandatory that any action games were done in assembly, basic was just too slow.
Great little machine for its time and the 6809 processor really had some neat tricks up it’s sleeve. The graphics chip was originally designed for Teletext for farmers (no, really) so it is pretty limited.

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For coco 1/2 I recommend Dungeons of Daggorath, a first person dungeon crawler played with text commands in real time. Rather than HP the game (https://www.computerarcheology.com/CoCo/Daggorath/) tracks the character’s heart rate which goes up from exertion or taking damage. There’s a modern pc port, and a disassembly and analysis at that link.
Temple of ROM is a 2d maze game that’s pretty good.
Coco 3 got some 8 bit ports like Koronis Rift (Lucasarts) and some EA releases, I’m not up on what exclusives were big on the 3.

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There is also an Ultima style RPG called Gates of Delirium. It looks interesting.

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I have a 512k CoCo3 that I saved from a cut power cord and trash. I have Dungeons Of Daggorath, RoboCop, and Predator Carts for it. I have a 5 1/4 Floppy drive and interface that still need to be repaired. "Cut Cable"

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Here's my list of games for this thing. https://pastebin.com/MRaYLy8i

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The graphics in the CoCo 1-2 are just Apple II graphics but with 4 rather than 6 colors. Sound is exactly the same.

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is there any compatibility across the 3 iterations? I just scored a 2 pretty cheap to fiddle with, but the 3s go for $250+ and for what? I know literally nothing about the software library but 80s micros make my peepee hard.

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They are mostly compatible, the CoCo 3 cannot run a few games as they use a video mode that was deleted from its chipset.

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Nice. it's good to know i have probably half the library to explore. I just seems like such a ho hum drop in the bucket computer. perfect for just poking through low budget passion projects. was everything cassette for these or was there a disk drive?

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semigraphics games used a l33t hax0r trick where it's set to think it's in bitmap mode but kept in character mode so you can subdivide character boxes into smaller pieces. it looks extremely similar to VIC-20 graphics and they got rid of this exploit on the CoCo 3 so it can't play these games.

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>was everything cassette for these or was there a disk drive?
CoCo 1-2 software was mostly cartridges or tape, although they did have disk drives. the CoCo 1 also used a different disk controller that requires 12V and doesn't work on the later machines.

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the 6809 is an excellent CPU, better than the 8086 in some ways (especially because it has hardware multiply/divide which didn't appear on the x86 family until the 286). it also allows completely relocatable code. but nothing really used it except Japanese arcade games and a few Japanese computers, so there weren't many experienced 6809 coders around.

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Oh hey i have one of these

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Chad computer with chad games. Pic related.

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