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is this canon?

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Only in the minds of degenerate fujos.

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No puto, this is gay.

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It’s so bizarre that this is in the game. Like were Japanese players howling with laughter at this?

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When you consider that they make shit like Cho Aniki and the Gachimuchi videos, they probably were laughing at it.

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Honestly, the only thing questionable here is Cloud's placement in the picture. It makes it easy for perverts like me to read more into it than intended.

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Huh? The whole joke is that Cloud gets stuck in there with them.

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y-yeah, j-just the placement...

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>mfw going from FFVI on SNES to this

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Think about their humor for a second. Nudity isn't bad, and they love the wrestler persona Hard Gay. Showing your junk to strangers is funny to them. It's just a joke that relates to a different culture. Most japanese jokes don't translate at all, which is why crayon shin chan didnt really make sense.

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Come on buddy! Let's wash off all our dirt and sweat together!!!

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Is Cloud a manlet?

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i'm a burger and thought the entirety of wall market was one of the best parts of the game

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>japanese humor

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> People on /vr/ in 2021 don't know about Hard Gay

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It’s better to be a pretty manlet than an ugly lanklet.

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Yeah because faggots are a joke. Imagine being gay and not realizing whats wrong with it.

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there is a chance somebody peed there...

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is that in the game? lmao I can't remember

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Well that explains all the gay Cloud hentai I keep seeing on /b/

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Hell, people don't even know what HUSTLE is.

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Please be real.

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It's real.


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HE could had evade all of this by saying FUCK YOU LEATHERMENS!

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