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>intend to set game in US style world
>game feels incredibly Japanese in every way

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sort of makes it funny when eb fags talk about how cozy and nostalgic it is

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Because it is.

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I'd rather it play like Dragon Quest than some shitty Warpig.

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You're just narcissistic since there's entire stretches of the game set in europe, india, arab

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>set in USA
>still Japanese as fuck
Yeah, Japanese media tends to be like that in general. Especially prior to the 2010s.

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Didn't mean it as a bad thing, Japan is much comfier than the US

Yeah but it still feels very Japanese overall, like Japanese interpretations of all those places.

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this is the worst fucking angling I've seen in the world holy shit
no idea what this is called but it's BAD

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Drawing everything from a certain angle is hard, man.

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Fuck me. I knew there was something unrealistic about this game and there it is. Thanks for pointing it out.

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do better or leave

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So your so mad you're too ignorant to answer anons question that you need him to leave. wew lad.

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Still leave

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you made it worse you turd

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It's bad, but not worse than crap like Ultima.

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Japs trying to interpret suburban American culture is literally why EB is what it is, so dont know what the shit you are trying to say

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The problem with this is that now it's more difficult to read that you can go back there.
Sometimes abstractions of reality, or what could be called poor artistic form, is required in order to convey gameplay information.

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>Yeah but it still feels very Japanese overall, like Japanese interpretations of all those places.
but that's the whole charm of it anon. it's seeing other people's idealistic perspective on it, like America is some wonderland with hamburgers etc. it's as if a child first visited America and was enamored by it. they just see what you don't see and twist it through their own experiences

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that's called art style anon. Earthbound deliberately draws everything at 45 degree angles with unrealistic perspective.

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It 100% is. Its a comfy classic.

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>Sometimes abstractions of reality, or what could be called poor artistic form
Abstraction is the heart of soulfulness

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btw, while we are at it, in general EB is style over realism. at a time when most games moved away from sharp pixels and tile grids, and tried to approach a more traditional art look (like FFVI) or 3D (like DKC), EB took a 180 from it and deliberately emphasized sharp pixels, flat look, and very obvious tile grid with 45 degree lines, almost like Mother 1. i really liked that they had balls to do that.

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style starts where dry photorealism ends. it's simply more fun and interesting that way, and very few games actually try anything like it.
you could try 100% realism like some modern setting FPS, except they all look the same and painfully boring. "no one dreamed to make it".

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Maybe that was how it was intended. Everything about the game is supposed to have some degree of quirk to both western and Nip audiences.

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based artist autist

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wasn't a question smart guy

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