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>Be me
>Born after N64 era so I experienced all of this stuff on the 3DS
>Got Majora's Mask 3D first
>Loved the shit out of that one
>Finally got OoT 3D after a while
>Thought to myself "Everyone loves this one, I can't wait to try it out"
>Come out seriously disappointed

The weirdest part of it was that I enjoyed all the bosses but the over all game I didn't. Did anyone else ever experience this ever with retro games. What were those games?

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Super Metroid oddly enough.
I grew up with the snes but never played SM until I was an adult. When I did I got lost and just did not finish it.

Zelda 1 too I did not enjoy it too much, I liked Golvellius on the Master System much more, liked it as much as Zelda 3.

Majora Mask is the best game ever made, OOT does not even compare despite everyone saying OOT came first therefore it is better.

This is coming from a guy who grew up with both of them, I hated Majora Mask at first because it was complicated and hard for a stupid kid but I always came back to it, OOT I feel is a grand adventure but once finished I had no motivation.

MM you can repeat all the bosses and cool minigames.

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I'm not a big fan of metroidvanias in general because I don't like being lost, so I complete understand. But at the same time I like SM because of the environment it builds and all the sounds and stuff.

I should probably replay MM because I'm not sure my opinion will remain the same because it's been a while

Also not sure if it counts as retro but Super Mario Sunshine is also a weird one for me. It sorta falls in the same boat as Oot but this time I felt like the controls just could not cooperate (I played this on the 3D all stars version because once again I did not grow up with SM64 or SMS)

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I’m the opposite. Thoroughly enjoyed OoT but found MM tedious. IMO forcing you to play as a lame deku scrub right out of the gate doesn’t make a very good first impression.

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I should add that Wind Waker is by far my favorite 3D Zelda and probably always will be. I guess I’m that guy.

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Majora’s Mask is better than Ocarina of Time and people will die mad about it.

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I could see that, I guess at the time I wasn't as into Zelda as a franchise as I am now so it never really mattered to me that I couldn't play as link right off the bat.

I also have never played wind waker, but I have played spirit tracks and phantom hourglass both which I liked

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Hyped by media as the new realistic game
First enemies you kill don’t drop weapons, ammo, clothing or keys.

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your bait is shit

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I like the idea of Majora’s Mask more than I like the actual game if that makes sense. The setting is weird and memorable but I’m only really a fan of Stone Tower as a dungeon. Some of the side quests are alright.

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OP here, It's not bait. Maybe If I replayed OoT now that the "Hype" is gone maybe I might enjoy it more but at the time I was really disappointed with it.

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Stone Tower was the most boring. The other three had their corresponding transformation to keep them thematically interesting.

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I like Snowhead too but fuck Great Bay and that zora egg hunt.

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The zora egg hunt was a weak point but its not that bad. Just a time sink.

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OP here again, Don't forget to mention the retro games that left you disappointed too! Just wondering what all of /vr/ thinks

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it is funny because they literally reused OOT and it took them less than 1 year to make MM...

Result is bar none the best game of all times.

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Back when I was growing up there were no youtube videos to help you out with the eggs and finding them took me WAY too much time as a dumb kid.
But I think it is the only bad point about MM. Starting as a deku sucks too.

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They already had the complete engine and most of the assets needed so they could focus on 100% gameplay

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I feel like I’m unique in saying I like both similarly in their own regards
I also feel the same about Zelda 1 and 2
Every thread seems to have the same x vs y mentality where one has to be shit and I just don’t understand

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Ocarina of Time is pretty good.
Majora's Mask is fuckoff fantastic.

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I’m a big fan of LucasArts point and click stuff but most of the other big names I wasn’t crazy about. I found Syberia really boring.

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I remember being obsessed with this game due to the distinct art style it had, only to be let down with how shoddy it is with timing. I've played the PSP and PSX versions, and they both have this same issue.

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OoT was never good

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The original Metroid, Ninja Gaiden and Star Fox. Metroid is simply boring. Ninja Gaiden is like every other 2D slasher and Star Fox is too primitive for me to enjoy now.

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there are other ways to let us know that you have shit taste and a lack of perspective.

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There are other ways to let us know that you're a nintoddler who gets it's opinions from youtube, but your sad fedora tipping cope is really the best.

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I'm trying to play FF7 because of the status it holds, and that game has just not aged well. What's the point of the shitty minigames like holding down X to do CPR?

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surely you jestin

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>best game of all time
Nintendorks really don't play many video games do they

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Castlevania 1. The controls caused a lot of frustration and much of the time I felt like I was just exploiting the AI or memorizing inputs to get through rooms.

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