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You hear it you lose?

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Is it true that the blocks represent save data on your memory card?

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It represents they recently played games with the memory card installed, and the number of times they've been started.
Playtime, file size, number of saves, and even presence of save data for a particular game beyond its entry in the "Your System Configuration" file are irrelevant.

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Tell us more secrets of the PS2 bios menu please.

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i always felt it was weird that some columns had different colored textures on top. i thought it was a glitch when i first got my PS2 because I thought it wasn't like that for my buddy

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Why does the PS2 logo right after the screen with blocks appears "corrupted" sometimes?

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God fucking damnit not again

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is it... is it angry at you?

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This shit right here.
This motherfucking ass shit.
>plays THPS2
>won't play THPS3

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