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>the day we made a mediocre fighting game into a multi millionaire franchise and created the rating system just because we wanted to see some blood on the screen

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they were right of course, slippery slope. Now what do we have? transsexual sex on screen

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I'll never understand why the Midwest creates so many fearmongering retards.

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they were right though, society is going to collapse. It'll be mad max in a few years

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Goddamn fellow white people!

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>blood in game bad
>blood in middle east good!
>re elect us you goyim!

Yes sir!

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I for one will embrace the anarchy.

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Perhaps they should of concerned themselves more with children spending hours of the day in dimly lit arcades and bars. There was always someone there to sell drugs.

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>slippery slope
I never understood why that's considered a fallacy. Modern American "society" is a result of an endless series of slippery slopes, and it's guaranteed to get worse because there's always someone whose purpose is to push the boundaries and see what they can get away with, and they always eventually get away with it when they're persistent. There is no end to it.

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You're being far too kind

>There is no end to it.
Of course there is. Give it a few more years and China will take over America without firing a single shot. Simply march down the streets shouting "boys can't be girls" and watch the US soldiers shriek in horror and flee to the closest ball pit.

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>I never understood why that's considered a fallacy
its not, the fallacy is slippery slope being a fallacy

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it is as you say. taking advantage of the slippery slope is actually someone's tactics. so it stands to reason that a supporting tactic is to convince people the slippery slope isn't real.

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Of course it's not a fallacy.
There's two other versions of "slippery slope"-
>foot in the door
>give an inch, take a mile
Our ancestors dealt with these problems and called it out. Once the path is started down, it manifests itself. It's the nature of dopamine. Once people WIN, they crave more wins. Pushing further and further. This is why the ESRB was created willingly. Better the industry take control than the government.

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>transsexual sex on screen
name 1 (one) game
also, not retro

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The Last of Us - Part II

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the tranny character is some kid, not the main antagonist
the supposed tranny is just some roided bitch

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it blows my mind that i had to present a government id in order to buy diablo 3 but not to vote. the absolute state of america.

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Christians are mongoloids, and Americans are even bigger mongoloids for allowing this kind of broken system to come to fruition in the first place, then again its just as bad here in Europe so I guess we're the biggest mongoloids for letting that shit pass here too.

Look at games before the rating system and after, and really pay attention to just how much the rating system stifles artistic exploration.
Ever wondered why we got so much tropey garbage in video games? Its because devs will walk a fine line of what is and what isnt acceptable, and because in a sense, devs have to appease a bunch of people with a strange set of demands for games to be able to pass a certain age rating based on outdated American values and stuff your average American kid or teen has already been seeing every single day, its basically making these comittees feel good about saving the poor minds of the American youth when probably have been watching porn since they were 12.

The only thing any dev should not be allowed to put in their games is absolutely nothing at all, they should get to make it and we should be able to buy it, its not up to the government or any comittee to decide what we consume or not consume.

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Its like the kids telljng their moms to physically present to buy the latest shooter for them when everyone knows its for the kid.

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japan had way more strict self-imposed standards and they're not even christian. the snes version of mortal kombat didn't have blood or fatalities.

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Caused unrionically by the American occupation, the US gave Japan to MacArthur, a staunch conservative military general that introduced several social reforms similar to the US post-ww2 conservative 50s white picket fence era, especially when the red scare turned into the beginnings of the cold war.

Roosevelt's reforms based on the gained riches from the 20s were pretty much blocked off from Japan,and you could argue Japan became a practice ground for the US to try out a conservative approach.

Japanese culture and traditions have always been more loose compared to western values when it comes to sex, blood, gore, and the depiction of it.
Even today Japanese culture is somewhat troubled because their post-ww2 Japan-US cultural values clash with their religious and historical values a lot, leaving a lot of Japanese people Atheist yet religious at the same time.

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Gay or not I dont care to read politics, we're discussing censorship and age rating systems

>Muh everything has to have politics in it nowadays
>Meanwhile cant stop shitting up every board with fringe politics every day of the week

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Bill White was the only based individual in that room:

"we believe that there's an appropriate place for adult entertainment that may include violent and sexual situations"


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>censorship doesn't have politics involved
How much of a retard are you? Not surprising for a faggot.

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Reminds me of this relitard, glad he lost his job

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Thing is, they did talk about that. They described parents seeing their kids focus on a game and seeming detached from everything else.

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Spotted the tranny.

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no u

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