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How about a MechWarrior and it's clones thread? Which title is your favorite? I'm split between 3 and 2 Mercs.

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I only ever played Mechwarrior 4 but I thought the game was good.

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I've only ever played the 2 trilogy. Currently cheating original 2 and GBL rather than playing normally since I wanted to try something different. What I mean by that is I hacked the prj file to remove weight restrictions on all missions and thus can play as almost any mech I want. I'd also enable both starmates if I could figure out how to do that, but I already know of a work around. That all means jack shit for those missions that force you to use a specific mech build, however... I also don't know how to enable hidden/IS mechs for the main game outside Trials of Grievance and Combat Simulator.

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