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I beat Donkey Kong Country 2 102% yesterday.

Brag about your /vr/ achievements here.

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*tilts head* nice bro

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Is it a shmup? Try not to keep a crt on its side for too long

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What country lives sideways? Or is it the mythical race of half-australians?

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Getting the gold crown in Kingdom Hearts 2.5 is one of the hardest things I've done in a video game. Obnoxious mini games and some overly difficult bosses.

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Nah. Dude's playing in tate mode.

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>bolting your TV to the wall to play shmups with a vertical screen
>beat DKC2 on it

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>bolting your TV to the wall to play shmups with a vertical screen
poe's law, im gonna take this as a funny joke.

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I once beat your moms xbox up 100% with my donkey kong cart. Tbf she had to blow on my cartridge a lot.

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I beat Thunder Force IV without dying once

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Literally came here to say this. 1cc'd it on normal difficulty a few months ago.

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I've finished Battletoads without safestates.
It was not worth it.
Also I've finished DMC3 on DMD with nothing but Nevan and Royal Guard.

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Yeah, I saw your post on Reddit.

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I beat Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out! holding the controller upside down once. For full transparency I beat Tyson via decision.

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Perfect reply achieved.

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I finished ninja gaiden 1 on nes without any cheat or savestate.
I just want to say It s absolutely not worth It.

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Why are you using reddit, anon?

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I got my first s rank in crazy taxi a few days ago, and then got my second one yesterday. I’m slowly becoming a god at this game

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For this exact reason. To call your attention. Wanna be friends?

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Fucking nice man congrats anon such a great game should be played extensively

I beat Doom on the GBA and thats the only version of Doom i ever completed

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It was absolutely worth it. Great game, and feels good to defeat.

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I have 100%'d all 3 DKC games and also their GBA ports. The extra world in DKC3 GBA sounded like a bonus at first, but there's some awful bullshit levels there. Wind mechanics on an underwater stage, that was the worst.

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one time i took a huge shit so huge that the toilet didnt flush for a week. this was 1987.

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Probably not that impressive, but today I finally beat Mike Tyson in Punch-Out!! after trying for three weeks and maybe like ~100 attempts.

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>not worth it.
>absolutely not worth It.
you did not beat them without save states

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Yes, I did beat it without safestates.
No, Battletoads was not worth it at all. Booting up the game dreading the Terra Tubes and Rat Chase was horrid, being stuck for a long time on that ball chasing level was even worse because I just couldn't fucking do it and I knew I would have to start all over again.
Worst of all was when I would get stuck on level that I've already beaten. And in the end was that insulting final boss that I've beaten on first try. So no, it was not fucking worth it, all I felt in the end is "thank god, now I don't have to play this shit no more".
Only satisfaction I've had was when I went to try Sega version and I've breezed through the first couple of levels.
This isn't GnG or Mega Man or Castlevania or Ninja Gaiden or whatever, where you have to be alert and in the zone at all time, where you start saying PLEASE out loud and when you finally beat the boss you realize how tense you were and then you relax and feel those good chemicals wash over you, it's just a series of "how can we fuck the player as much as we can here" endurance tests.
Fuck that game.

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The bonus world in dkc3 already sucks ass, I can’t imagine what bullshit gimmicks they scraped out of the game for the last one
Wind in a water level gives me a good idea though

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The bird section of Animal Antics is tough, took me some time to beat that.

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It was fucking awful to 100% the extra world and that alone will probably dissuade me from doing it again. I 100% the SNES trilogy once a year.
There was also a level with that tree background but also underwater. They really pulled it out of their ass.

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