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I recently found two PS Move controllers and wonder if anyone has found a way to use these on PC for PS1 and PS2 light gun games?

As for a topic question: What is your favorite light gun game?

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>with a pointer
You goofy zoomer.

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I'm just wanting to find the best way to play light gun games on my lcd monitor.

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There are drivers, but apparently they are a pain in the ass to install, and you also need the ps3 camera (both to use it on the ps3 and on a pc). It's probably not too difficult, I got drivers for the ps2 eyetoy a while ago and now use that as my regular webcam, so it's probably not too hard to find the ones for these

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I do have a PS3 camera I used to play that dead space light gun game.

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Wiimote/move is like a mouse, the lightgun games designed for it use an onscreen cursor that you move around to aim. Lightgun games register where the lightgun is pointing at the screen. The tech is completely different. You can use those controllers like a mouse for lightgun games, but its a pretty shitty experience, and nothing like the real thing.

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That is interesting. How different of an experience is it? Does it cause a noticeable delay in "shots" registering?

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I don't think I explained it well, but its a fundamentally different way of aiming. Think about aiming a pistol, that has physical sights, you're using those sights to line up a target. Now imagine using a wiimote to do the same thing. You can't, so the games have an onscreen cursor you drag around. Lightgun games don't use a cursor, you use the sights on the physical gun.
Wiimote controls are relative, whereas lightgun controls are fixed. Completely different. So as I said, you can use a cursor with emulation to play these games, but it makes them far too easy, as they weren't designed with it in mind.

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>trying to be the Wii
The Wii was a gimmick, anything that copied it missed the point of being a gimmick

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I get what you mean. I haven't played an actual lightgun arcade game in a while, so the cursor was embedded into my assumptions. Such a shame that it is impossible to replicate.

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