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How to spot the redditors who browse here
>They think "anti" means anyone who posts criticism of their favorite holomem
>They defend EN

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op is a faggot

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Mel's mama(and your girlfriend) is going to draw gura in four hours.

Do you think she'll include the floating cat ears?


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She better not forget the hole in the middle.

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Was he right?

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>open toed
Eh, close enough

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Nobody cares footfucker

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>reaches another historical hololive milestone in your path

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it's not really an anti thing, it's just an honest problem that people are obsessing over.
it'll get fixed, much like winning son's 3d model, cover already said they're aware of the problem and will address it.
however considering this is the same rigger that fucked up anya, i honestly think he should be removed from staff.

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Now that Luto and Naname exist, Gura just looks so much worse in comparison. Cover has no excuse.

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>they're aware of the problem and will address it
Considering all the shit that people have noticed, the only way to fix anything would be to throw the entire model into the trash and have a new rigger start from scratch. Unfucking a shitjob is often more complicated than just redoing everything.

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i don't think they have active control over the rigging process.
they'll probably give the original rigger a chance to fix his work, if he can't they'll give it to someone else and he'll either try to fix it or start from scratch.
riggers are usually contracted so it's not like cover has any practices in place for them to follow.
but yeah i honestly think whether he fixed it or not, that rigger won't be working for cover again.

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>I love Hololive
>I hate Hololive
>I love Nijisanji
>I hate Nijisanji
>I love Vshojo
>I hate Vshojo
>Why are you fags about big companies? You are newfags for not liking indies
>Threads about indies only have 2 people at most
>Threads about other vtubers that pander to Ñ deleted for having beaners talk about their waifus
>Numberfag thread
>I hate numberfag thread
>20+ Kiara hate threads
>1 le funny is dis vtuber meme thread
>Hate thread of 1 member of company at any time
>Hate thread of that one indie that has a gimmick
>rrat thread
>doomerfag thread
Why are you guys like this?

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This is going to devolve into a console war thread simply because of

>I love Nijisanji
>I love Vshojo

so good job on derailing your own thread before it even started.

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that opinion's kinda pog, chief

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Cute & funny Loli succubus is playing Horse game.

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My oshi could beat your oshi in a fight.

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my oshi could probably knock the fuck out of your oshi just by turning around too quickly and having her fat fucking udders smack her upside the head

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Vtuber "lore" is for faggots.

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How can your oshis even compete?

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So I'm in the EU; how do I bypass this stupid age check thing where you have to upload your passport or CREDIT CARD to watch 18+ only videos? Any advice bros?

Personally, I fucking hate that and I hope whoever thought of that - all the law makers, the people that OK'd this at Google, all of them - die of every fucking cancer going.

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Oh, wait, the usual downloaders still work. Rant over. Back to work!

Any other ways though?

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Anon, think about it. If it only works for the EU and you only have to make youtube think you are not from the EU, what service do you use?

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I imagine some Youtuber sensing something and then going here,typing in this thread right now shilling NORD VPN

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Oh god I forgot about this. Just imagine Mori and cat ears Kiara next to... this. Idk, I would probably cry if I was a chumbud. And anyway Gura deserves much, much better.

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>Gura's new schedule is down
>she won't stream tomorrow cause she knows that people aren't happy with her rigger
>probably feels bad cause she didn't say anything and feels bad that something Nachomama made for her was ruined because of that hack
>the EN collab is going to have all those amazing new outfits side by side to her shitty rigging... especially when Kiara toggles her cat ears on and you can see how they actually stay on her head while Gura's clips off every time she moves
It's all so tiresome, I just want Gura to go see her family now, I don't even care if the Gurame collab gets delayed seeing her get fucked over to the point normalfags are having a war over it must be shit

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This dumb chikin better be getting a doctors appointment.

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... I'm mad bro

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Fuck anon, don't make me hard like that all of a sudden

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Will Ame save the week with the final leg of outfit reveals?

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2 of the 4 ain't been bad so far.

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Depends. If she doesn't have glasses, then yes. If she does, then we'll see a line of EN wearing eyewear except Gura at some point, and that'll be a bit sad to witness.

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sweet but not very believable, if that were the case she could have just shown them off on twitter or something after debut

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It will make people hypervigilant for any rigging flaws. I imagine Ame's rigger is frantically double checking everything right now.

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No, it's all down hill from the start. It will only get worst.

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You will never ever see her in person. So deal with it.

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Drill into your brain images of her fucking her attractive boyfriend until you no longer feel anything for her.

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>What is mean?
>Superchat Reding

Did I get you off already anonchama?

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Easy. You will never meet her, she will never acknowledge your existence past a screen name, she will never love you.

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Going out on a limb here and say that half of the faggots bitching never seen a bad rig, especially the normies making petition dot orgs

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Who is the best VT?

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Suzuhara Lulu

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Mike Ock

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Kizuna Ai

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoSrY_IQQVpmIRZ9Xf-y93g
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gawrgura
Previous thread: >>3378888

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Alright, let’s be real here. Yes, her new outfit is cute, but her original design is literally perfect. I never had my expectations set that high since I knew there was no chance it topping the original.

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Please stream Goora, I would like to hear your voice again...

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Old design did not have toes or cat ears. Objectively incorrect.

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Gura is not on your side footfags. She merely tolerates you.

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Just need her original hair design for the new outfit and add in some glasses.

or add a hat.


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A thread for cute pixel art and pixelcanvas

Rebranding Edition
Previous thread >>2622867

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Pixelcanvas #23
>What is pixelcanvas?
It's an online canvas where you can paint pixels with other users
>How do I play?
First, visit the key locations :
Center: https://pixelcanvas.io/@0,0
Permanent area: https://pixelcanvas.io/@4020,3013
Lewd Area: https://pixelcanvas.io/@32500,4000
Then you can help finish a project from the list below or start a new one.
>Where can I see the templates?
Most are on the minimap https://vtpixels.neocities.org/minimap/minimap.js

Full list https://pastebin.com/raw/pMGDjpNZ
>In progress
I suggest focusing on the damaged stuff in perma for now
Fubuki Dance @4144,2916
Big Okakoro @3213,3690 >>1127970
Huge Ass Polka @3389,2780 >>938518
Okayu and onigiri @3578,3341 >>2647330 [M]
Gura @4049,3369 >>2819471 [M]
Akukin Construction @3950,3272
Shiranui kensetsu @3942,3390
Shikemura Elite Construction @3878,3325
Subaru Suisei Sora Shion @3989,2671 >>1592645
3x3 megaman @3200,4000 >>1777232
Sheeptuber @4511,3066 >>2398124 [M] abandoned
Miko @4224,3222
Pekoland mascot @4805,2680 >>1989512
Ayame, rushia, aqua, nene... portraits @3807,3807 [T]
Rushia @3565,3433 [T] abandoned?
Ayame @32455,3945 [T] abandoned?
Cool Shion @35044,-34896 [M]

>Minor damage
Bloop @4369,3247
>Heavy damage
Miko pose @4427,3066
Sliding Takos @3528,3525 [T]
Undertale Luna @4714,2789
>Completely wiped
Bottom Left Kiara @-100000,100000 [T]
Haachama @31061,3766 [T]
Korone Mural @4073,3387[T]
Long okakoro @3575,3556 >>1599048
Matsuri Bikini @32600,3771 [M] >>1269248
Orange woman @31609,3781 [T]
Pekomiko Mural @4252,3376 [T]
Sora Mural @4064,3221 [T]
Subaru with Duck @4133,2691
Yogiri @3713,2811 >>1651385

Kanata geoglyph >>1262795
Ayame mascot >>1748972

>T - no template posted
>M - not on the minimap

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>You havin' rigger problems, Gura?

>Welcome to the club.

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yeah I noticed that. her face looks like a pancake when she's looking up

>> No.3392206

Difference is noone cares about this irrelevant indong

>> No.3392268


>> No.3392312

and her chest, she was supposed to be flat but her rigger fucked it up.

>> No.3392520

It's the same rigger

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>WTF you have dishonored and insulted Gura! I'm going to kidnap your family and dump them in a bathtub full of battery acid!

>Another solo stream... why won't anyone collab with the most popular Vtuber in history? They must be jealous of her numbers

t. Chumcucks

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You forgot
>Matsuri/Kiara intentionally told the sound workers to autotune the songs to death to nerf Gura!

>Iofi, Risu, Suisei all ganged up on Gura in Among Us because they were jealous of her subcount!

>Why the FUCK isn't Ame stopping her own Minecraft stream to help Gura? What a condescending bitch! Doesn't she realize she owes half her subs to Gura?

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>t. antis

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I love watching independents fail to gather the barest hint of an audience and then giving up after a month. That's why I like Nijisanji so much; it's a whole company full of inevitable quitters.

>> No.3391929

Name your favorite failed vtubers.

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>It's another tribalist thread

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Why the fuck would they hire bootleg amateur, aren't they a multi millionaire company?

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>rigs so terrible they had to be redone by another papa
>cover knowingly hired a bottom of the barrel hack to do gura's rigging
what the fuck is wrong with this fucking company

>> No.3391932



>> No.3391963

>aren't they a multi millionaire company
truth is
they are not

>> No.3391983

what's wrong with gura's first model?

>> No.3392069

She's fucked up indies too, the hack has gotten away with it so long bitch probably thought no one would call her out on it.

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