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> noooo you can't show your real face, this breaks the illusion and hurts my feelings!
why are holofags like this?

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DIDN'T THIS GAME JUST COME OUT HOLY SHIT THESE QUEUES but at least the zatsu in between is nice.

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She would have to be extremely tall for her knee to be there.

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How is that subtle? Anyone who's been on this website in the past two years knows what the Burger King crown means. Go back newfag.

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> Pekora calls a black man a gorilla
>Miko says nigger
>no one cares
>hololive explodes in popularity
>Kanae draws gorilla as a nigger
>everyone comes for his head

Why this?

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>Pippa below Michiru in crazy

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>denies it happened
>posts photographic proof it did

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Does Veibae have the most copyable voice ever or something? I knew Lumi did the divegrass thing but hearing about all these chubbers doing spot-on impressions really makes me think

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Lump head is probably confused by his success I imagine.

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>went to jail for sex with 15y/o girl
That's a crime?

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They look like colorswaps. Like fucking power rangers or something.

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What are the reactions of the indogs and koreans?

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I don't get it
Is she saying that your natural voice, the one that comes out when you just speak with no effort to change the pitch, is not your natural voice if you don't feel like it?

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What's the site that lets you see who posts in which VTuber chats?
It's driving me insane looking for it.
Not just other VTubers posting in VTuber chats, but normal fans.

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>Do not simp.
i don't get it, are you defending Rushia? or do you want her to lose her income? please try to explain you bullshit logic

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In what world do men have as easy a time getting laid as women? This is just common life knowledge that no one questions if brought up on tv or by a comedian or something

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Remind me while I stopped watching VTubers after 1.5 years? Used to spend like $200 a month on subs and supas. 3rd world no buli.

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>Amerimuttland is just the middle east but Christian.
>saying this like it's a bad thing

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Why do you watch EN VTubers instead of Japanese ones?

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>Soft Selen Challenge

Guess I'm jobbing early this week

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>unironically still using 7 when LTSC is a thing
Or use Mint, I don't know.

Jesus Christ you people.

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