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No they didn't.

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Careful frog, your beret is showing

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...Are YOU the one that sent this email, anon?

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My point still stands retards, morons here are just as obsessed about him even more than she is at this point

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You better be dropping some fat akasupas or I'm gonna smack you.

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I'm watching fish, explain

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This board has major issues with people wanting and giving free (you)s for the shittiest bait. What as a group can we do about this?

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Kiara pushed Takamori as a way for Mori to have something in common with the rest of EN and hololive, and to help her feel included, since she knew she was the odd one out.

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No you need to be autist about EVERY chuuba's schedule anon, not just Mori's. Holos, Homos, Nijiniggers, every chuuba's schedule needs an autist to keep them on their toes. You're the only one who can save the chuubas from themselves. You're not the hero they deserve, but the hero they need.

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This episode will feed my rrats for years to come/10

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Sorry Anon, but your rrat was slain long ago.

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Asking here because a schizo keeps derailing [my oshi]'s thread.
Recently, I watched a VOD of [my oshi], then a VOD of someone else in HoloEN, and found that other person much more entertaining than [my oshi], despite being a fan of [my oshi] from day one. Not naming names so this faggot doesn't hop on my dick again.
Is there anyone here who has experience watching VODs? Is it possible that watching streams live gives you a completely different impression than watching the VOD? I just want to understand why I felt this way, I was a day one fan of [my oshi].

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Enma with a voice changer. Next rrat.

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orcschizo is that person that would aka Gura every stream telling her they're going to be in holoEN. Getting turned down finally broke them.

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The absolute state of this board.

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You're going into rrat territory here, anon. Even if its expensive discord/reddit shit, Ina's clearly fine with it.

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Uma Musume shills OUT

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Now that's a rrat

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you WOULD say that wouldn't you crossposter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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