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>*vtuber exist in the universe where males also exist*

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>kson bad
>coco good
proofs that quality control is necessary

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>A24 kinos watchalong streams

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look at me im alfa male who loves spanking gurls, i will turn kana into my bitch

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>play every stream at once
>audio on for all of them

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>I'm super stoked for "What do you mean the big daddy killed me, I shot him. SIR Stop sir stop!!! What do you mean I'm out of ammo again because i never explore, Where do I go, what do I dooo"
this but unironically

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You now have my attention

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>No one talking about Astel's karaoke
I am the last Astella

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Why yes, I occasionally watch Veibae. How could you tell?

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I will not protect camwhores

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I don't watch males or japs so I wouldn't know

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>open stream
>hear holo referencing media
>spam "DMCA YAB" in chat until she stops
>close stream

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>teafag tries to cyber bully pic related

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I use Dad.

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Sometimes I watch the occasional indie.
As oppose to being purely influenced by the /vt/ hivemind, I naturally watch who I enjoy the most and don't pick favourites within companies.
However, I think that Vshojo is trash.

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>graduated as the highest-SCed member of hololive, most likely a millionaire, if not close to it
>graduated with the single-highest live-viewed stream in vtubing history, which will most likely never be surpassed in any capacity
>forced YouTube to implement anti-spam features, which now protects her former coworkers and friends
>forced Cover to loosen the reigns, which is probably what allowed Ame and the rest of EN to do their 1-year anniversary stream, let Irys collab with people after 2 weeks instead of 4, etc
>retained most of her loyal fans and paypigs, ensuring she'll be taken care of even after she's gone

You're right. She deserves it, and more. I love this bitch.

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Coco good, Kson bad.

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A Tsunderia girl could stream 24 hours of a blank screen and dead silence (only broken by a barely audible fart noise at the 17 hour, 41 minute and 2 second mark) and I would watch the entire thing and then the VOD for good measure.

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I don't care about Ame in the A.M

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The best time to start is yesterday. The second best time is today. I've lost 20lbs since February and haven't felt this good about myself in years.

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