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>ANYA (Sep 11, 2001)
Sensible chuckle here

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>He thinks COVID is ending this decade

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>Marine's voice is just as bad as Kiara's.

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I have never watched anything that roosterteeth has made. And beyond RWBY I'm not even sure what else they do and even I have heard what kind of scumbags roosterteeth and Monty's wife are and how the poor guy is probably spinning in his grave at lightspeed.

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>gura's unstoppable growth came from her personality & voice

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>What were they even watching?
3 or 4 classic virtuals translated asacoco CM clips, if you're lucky.

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Imagine playing video games for a living and not being able to do it 5 days a week for less than 3 hours.
I don't know how she can look her Japanese senpai who have insane work ethics in their face.

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it would be pretty based if the chinese cancelled vshoujo just because of coco

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The only one here seething is you nijinigger your shithole of a black company is slowly becoming irrelevant

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Yeah, people who are broke because they're addicted to gambling and have no impulse control.
Not the kind of people that will pay for Pomu's medical bills.

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They'd starve then, you're a bunch of retards, Salarymen normalfags own this hobby, you're only parasites

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>Azki dropping like a comet

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>meido already nuking the kink list
To be honest the bathtub shart was worse

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>Remove porn
>Become absolutely fucking worthless

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>3117214 (You)
>Hololive is for hardworking vtubers who don't have mental breakdowns when fans say mean words

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>literally the four horsemen of toxicity

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>"Your boy isn't so good at RPGs Deadbeats"

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Oh look, another new IP that replies to a 4-day old post.

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>expecting new outfits 6 months after debut

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>No comments
BIG kusa

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>JP Holo does English-only stream
>Chat is full of grey names
God I fucking hate EOPs.

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>Since when are sleep-overs a girl thing? I had sleep-overs with my friends during high school
Answered your own question, now didn't you?

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>he doesn't want to see Watame's fluffy asshole

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