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Are you guys excited for the full holoEN collab? Happening in four hours by the way.

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I cant wait for them to collab the problem is gura i was watching her video and saw even her fans really dont like the suit soo how its gonna work on the collab

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Yea, the nose/forehead sloping is way too pronounced for my taste.

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It’s much needed to reduce the hate a bit

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They loved it, it’s just the ear thing.

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Yeah, assuming it doesn't blow it up all over again once people see Gura's shitty rig side by side with her far more superior genmates.

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Have you ever made your oshi laugh?

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yeah, i showed her a pic of my dick once and she was laughing (probably bc it was so big)

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Yes, i fingered someone's oshi on stream and she cummed

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Grabbing your butt? That's not very ladylike!

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If girls don't poop then explain Kiara

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This gremlin...........

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Imagine being able to strip her naked and have sex with those glorious stockings

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digging for gold?

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I want to play World of Warcraft but it sucks. Anyone have any idea when the next expansion will be released?

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Just play kino private servers with older versions ffs

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TBC Classic is June 1st. Who knows when retail gets its next expansion.

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Do you protect your oshi's mental health?

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concernfags get the rope

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>Suisei and Subaru's voice issues
>Korone's knee
>Mio sick every other day
>Marine shutting down after her duel with Korone

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Is Subara's duck voice fake? Fuck, she'd do less damage if she ate lit cigarettes.

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listen to her ring fit moans and you tell me.

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Coco, Risu, Towa, Kiara, anyone who might be hanging around, I beg you: Please explain the meaning and context of "HAG" to JP Hololive.
I don't want to think one of them would accidentally come here, see us talking about hags, and assume we were badmouthing them.
I don't know if I should post this here, Reddit, in a Superchat, or wherever. Just please clear this up before someone takes this term of pure love and misunderstands.
I'm always worried Flare, Mio, or Marine will take it the wrong way and see it as a sarcastic term.
The functional meaning of it is this: An adorable, whole, stable woman with the aspect of that out-of-reach first love.
That woman who was graduating from High School when you were just entering Middle School.
That mindful woman of diverse interests and gentle disposition.
The one who enjoyed the fads and trends you loved when you were too young to participate.
The woman who stands as a memory of the better days.
The woman who was, in your eyes, perfect, but too far ahead to reach. The passive youth can now reach her.
That's the real meaning of "HAG" here. Please help us get this message to them.
ココさん、リスさん、トワさん、キアラさん、彷徨いそうな方、どうぞ。 「HAG」の意味と文脈をJPホロライブに説明してください。
フレアやミオ、マリン が皮肉を込めた言葉と勘違いしないか、いつも心配しています。
それがここでの "HAG "の本当の意味なのです。どうか、このメッセージを彼らに伝えてください。

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>his whole fetish is that he's obsessed with actual doxx info
Anon, you can hear it in their voices and attitudes. Some even reference this with their activities, like Marine talking about Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai.
>guys I don't want the holos to think badly of me because of the word hag
Not me specifically. I meant whoever they read it from.

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>actual doxx info
it's reddit memes

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A HAG is a fucking Hag retard as in to fucking old to be desired. Fuck off if you're over 14.

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I'm 23 and older women turn me the fuck on. Go fuck some zoomer boys, faggot.

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ITT: overrated vtubers

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Gura is simple and a lot of people like simple things.
She isn't really dumb but she's not exactly high in the openness to experience rating in the big 5 test.

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twtich coomers

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Who even watches this whore apart from subhumans?

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Only actual pedophiles watch her streams, even the chumbabies know she's baiting the UOHfags. I hope she actually graduates so people actually pay attention to the obvious better vtuber in the batch.

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>1. Spam Cover with demands to fire the rigger on their report website
The goal is to make Cover understand that it's not just a few people who are upset with this but many. It should ensure that this won't just get a band-aid fix but that the rigger is permanently let go. Perhaps it will even cause Cover to treat the chuubas better although that's wishful thinking.

>2. Harass everyone who defends the rigger on twitter
The goal is to not let the "vocal minority sending death threats" narrative take root. The white knights need to get BTFO wherever they pop up.

>3. Bring up on social media how unfair it is that the other 4 got 10/10 models while she's stuck with this piece of shit, whenever the other 4's models are mentioned
This will ensure that the drama won't "blow over" and stays UNTIL the problem is fixed.

>4. SC Kiara about it because Kiara has no issue openly shitting on Cover and raising a stink
WORST case scenario, a few viewers who don't browse social media will learn of the problem and we will have an actual hololive member representing our case. BEST case scenario, a clipper clips and it blows up, informing thousands of hololive watchers who aren't browsing leddit/twitter of the crimes committed against Gura.

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I hope Gura gets fired over this

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Chumcruds absolutely BTFO LMFAO

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Don't put unnecessary pressure on Gura, she is too nice for her own good. Worst case, she would even defend the rigger.

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not your personal army

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>Raid thread
For fucks sake jannies, do your fucking job. This board's catalogue right now is a disgrace.

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It's not funny and unacceptable.

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This is now a thread about how Pekora's prison outfit is the most arousing thing known to man.

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pekora is a war criminal comedian
rushia is yandere pettan
marine is horny
noel is boba
flare is a nigger
if you disagree, you will be downvoted. simple as

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>when you think you're entitled to abuse sinners, you are commuting the same sin they did, peko..
People, it's not right. It's just not right, peko.

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>flare is a nigger
Hey, don't be racist. 10 wholesome seals have been removed from your account

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>war criminal comedian
I mean, like what?

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>i’m eating mama poop

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>go outside
>get pooped on by bird
>think of Kiara
thanks Kiara

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Jesus christ buddy

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No, He had nothing to do with me writing that.

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i love kiara but i am gasping for air laughing so hard while reading this

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V-tubers like this?

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Like this >>3455977

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I don't get it

>> No.3456134

All of them

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Mori used to work at an Applebees if that's close enough.

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Le hoo-biddity!!!

Le he-biddity!!!!!

Le ha-biddity!!!!

Le ho-biddity!!

Le EPIC!!!!!111

Le ABSOLUTELY LE EPIC!!!!!111oneon

Le we le did le it le reddit!

Le using le the le power le of le pe le pe le the le frog le and le wojak le we le have le taken le over le 4 le chan!!!!!!1111oneoneon

Le truly le the le narwhal le bacons le on le 4 le chan le now!!!!

Le thank le you le based le redditers le on le the mod le and le janitor le team!!!

Le you le have le made le 4 le chan le great!!!

Le lol


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Unironically me when i understand some basic japanese like ii desu ne and am able to understand some amount of the stream.

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just read a japanese-english dictionary

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wtf this is me

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i try but i just can't find the words i hear sometimes

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bros... we are going to make it, right?

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Me when I masturbate to babinikus

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She’s such a karen

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> Karen

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She killed millions...

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Who's Steve Jobs?

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Cope. Her Spanish is godawful

>> No.3460625

muy bueno niña

>> No.3460662

this is what most US-born hispanics are like myself included

>> No.3460757

I need a comparison. Is it like Haachama's English or Subaru's?

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What the hell? Why is this woman spreading her legs so much? You guys actually like this whore?


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you think anyone who watches mori knows that?

>> No.3457445

oh nice, the song is out? I've been expecting even since i heard the live version during the collab but forgot it'd be on a different channel.
thanks dude.

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him impregnating her is fine but her impregnating him is kinda cringe dude.
the man is married, think about his poor wife getting ntr'd.

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Okay but think about this. Mori trying to failing at being[/soiler] be flirty and Rikka being like "wtf is wrong with this gaijin"

>> No.3458053

help I've fallen and I can't get up.

Okay but think about this. Mori trying to failing at being be flirty and Rikka being like "wtf is wrong with this gaijin"

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Tomboy is trying to reach 100 kills in Apex in 24 hours stream..

>> No.3455390

why don't they invite the new haachama girl?

>> No.3455727

Maybe because she is new? Most of the collab are friends of Eilene's, Etra etc. Also ASMR by Ui Ren and Natsume Mei.

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ITT: We post redesigns that killed careers

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The design is super cute, really fits the lolibaba The shit rigging and lack of accessories make it so disappointing.

>> No.3460699

Gura's new design is adorable. No one is complaining about her design, it's the lazy implementation of her new design to Live2D that people are mad about, and certainly not at her for. Get your facts straight.

>> No.3460729

The Towa one is a little disappointing not because it looks bad but because it makes her look like a completely different person. Towa without her long twin tails isn't Towa.

>> No.3461590

I'm still waiting for ugly bastard to be the vchuuba meta

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goo goo ga ga

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She’s so cute, seeing her happy makes me happy. I want to be her dad so bad

>> No.3459064

Ah no wonder I instantly recognised the eyes.
Jerked off to his doujins so many times before.

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>> No.3459282

Please enlighten me with his name.

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When does she go postal?

>> No.3454551

When she plays Postal.

>> No.3454579

When she has nothing to lose

>> No.3454698

She's not a postal worker.

>> No.3456060

When she wants you to sign her petition

>> No.3457044

No way you freakin' pinko!

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Post mamas!

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She sounds cuter and sweeter than all 4 of her daughters
I wonder what's her age

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