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"Had enough? What's wrong, welsh-boy? I heard you guys could go all day with a sheep."

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If Froot and Mouse fags don't have tonight's VODs recorded due to DMCA, you're fucking disgraces.
We had an Anny fag in the thread today record her stream. You mainstay watchers are gonna get fucking showed up like that?

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You have no idea, anon.
Funny that Vei mentioned banning that Minecraft girl in her chat.
I had a latina gf who was super autistically into Minecraft for years. Biggest woman hater I've ever known

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...and you can't spell, little boy.

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None of us would even be aware of Mousey's existence if she could go outside. She gives less of an actual shit about her chat than most chuubas, she's just a unicorn true extrovert streamer who's stuck in a bubble because of her health.

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Sugoi technicality, aniki. Ironmouse pulled $107,571 in her marathon anniversary charity stream on August 5th alone.

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It may be safe if CONNOR wears a full-covered latex suit and then fully disinfects it.
or use a dildo with the connor name engraved on it.

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The only other streamer that even APPROACHES this level of vocal talent is Towa, and this is a half-dead Ironmouse. Imagine if she ever regains her full unmedicated power.

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thoughts on ironAIDS?

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