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Well the first step is to not use actual Mages for Hunter and use witches and sorcerers. Those are both built for Hunter Chronicles, Mages with Mage rules are very much not. Witches get allsorts of fun tricks though, their magic is split into discrete themes called Mysteries, each Mystery contains 5 spells of increasing strength pertaining to its theme, and there are three tiers of Mystery that you need to be more powerful to gain access to. I'll include the full list but low tier stuff is like Fortune or Hearth, high tier stuff is like Space or Time. A decently powerful witch could inflict disease, both mental and physical, animate the dead, curse you with misfortune, or compell you to indulge in your vice. Witches are also not obviously supernatural like a vampire or true fae is, they can be literally anyone. Paranoia is a powerful tool for creating fear. They're also intelligent and cunning, likely know you're after them before you even know who they are. Myriad ways you can make rituals horrific from location, mood, or ingredients. A few skinned and gutted cats is pretty easy way to ramp up the horror. All sorts you can do.

Those aren't Mages proper though, they're a whole different league. I can explain the basics of a Mage's magic if you want me to but they're not really meant for Hunters to fight.

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