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First, you're mistaken if you believe anons here form part of "le ebin 4chin". So if you have been paying attentions to the actual threads, almost no one hates her for betraying her 4chan fanbase
With that clarified, I would say her antis hate the ideas she has spouted: https://files.catbox.moe/cx498b.png
Now you'll probably understand the anti mentality, there isn't any "I own being a pedo, fuck off", it's "don't be a 2D=3D retard"; add that to that what's considered Nyanners being a SJW
"She changed her mind" you'll say, but some have their reasons to believe otherwise and to be honest, they're not THAT crazy, just probably mistaken about Pink Cat being this malevolent mastermind

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No shit, but the form that she preaches her beliefs sounds like a retarded meme (muh People Of Color).
Gringo, I may live in a +20 years socialist dictatorship, but I prefer my shithole "republic" than your social failure of a country.

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We have these kind of threads EVERY TIME Gura has more live watchers than usual.
Unironically just follow your own advice and stop watching her, tourist-san and go shitpost about Gigguk or something.

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