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This post made me realize there this thread is over 700+ with only around 70~ish ip's.
And I seriously doubt all the people who posted here are constantly posting, usually a person only post once or twice per thread. Meaning this entire thread have just been a handful of people arguing and shitposting.
All I ask is why.

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>Youtube removed dislike
Yeah, that happened.
Remember to install THAT addon to restore them.

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Gura is retarded, forgive her...

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I never really cared about catching them all until after I finished the game

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>Starter Pokemon
Every D/P/Pt team has these

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If they don't implement a toggle for gifting subs then yea. I'm really tired of the Vietnam spam in chat, I don't want that to carry over to members streams. It would ruin the comfy enough to want to turn off chat, but I want to use it since I'm closer to Gura there than in normal streams.

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Gura will just try to kill randomly like a dumb berserker cat shark

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>Gura 10/10
what did I miss?

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> It's like we're having sex through the horror game...

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>The nurses
I've fapped to the nurses too many times in the past

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>Rainbow Road
GURA?! You suck in this circuit...

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Is anyone actually playing the game Ame and Gura shilled yesterday?

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lmao gura

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Does the discount disappear at one point or is Shawn Mendez a Gura anti now?

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Yes. Kronii did the same in her member stream as well
This is why the ENs rarely banter. Chat takes everything seriously

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I'm going to be honest with you, chumbros. I didn't actually expect to fall in love with a shark, but god damn she makes me so happy

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We need to kill a thread faster than this, or we'll end up with no images when the stream begins.

>your oshi
>Favorite animal and why isn't it the crocodile

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I predict that you are right

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I may or may not have believed that would work as a kid too.

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Gura went full schizo...

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Am I missing out on anything by never going to the splits?

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