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Yeah, I looked into it myself (hence why I deleted my post). On the Gartic Phone stream prior to Christmas Eve, she literally says she'll leave a present at midnight (the short vid) but didn't promise a stream. She also mentioned that had ear problems and was going to get it checked out. This was before hand.

This sounds like the usual shit. Japanese anti's getting salty over something entirely reasonable and 4chan running away with it. My oshi remains unsullied.

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Either you're a faggot or a nigger or perhaps a niggerfaggot

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You've got nothing, you are nothing.

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Most are less insane. That's literally the answer.

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Buy Pekora she'll be having a 24h stream soon.

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dev-nii~ please change the transaction cooldown into 10 minutes. Onegai, please~~

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You’re tossed into a cold stone room. Your ass making hard contact with the stone causing you to yelp out in pain. But now is not the time to worry about your ass. You rise back to your feet and rush to iron barred door that was just slammed in front your face. “HEY YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME. I’M INNOCENT I TELL YA! ” You yell at the guard who threw you in but the bastard is purposefully ignoring you. You keep yelling until the guard is out of sight. You heave a sigh. There is no one else around you can yell at so you drop to the ground. You really screwed big time. Sure you were caught red-handed stealing laptops and tablets from Cover Corp but you needed to sell them so you could pay off your gambling debt. It’s the casino’s fault not yours. Another sigh leaves your lips. Well it’s not like anyone of importance is going to listen to you. Just wasting your precious breath.

You take a look around your new surroundings; might as well get acquainted with your new home as your gonna be here a long time. Although it’s incredibly strange as the cell looks as if it’s out of the medieval ages. Seriously there’s a fucking skeleton chained up to the wall with some bones stuck to its head and another skull on the wooden bench. Hold on is that meant to be a bed? There is no way in hell you can sleep on that. You’d die of back pain before anything if you were to sleep on it. Not to mention all the moss growing on the wall. What the fuck kind of cell is this? Did the prison run out of money or is this some elaborate Halloween set up too early? This is so beyond belief. Well at least there is a nice view outside, probably gonna be where you spend most of your days. Oh also there’s a short girl huddled up in the corner of the room.

You head to the window guarded by iron bars and gaze into the moonlit sky, this is your life now, well at least for two years then you should be out of this hell hole. Wait wait wait it feels like you just glazed over a very important detail. There’s another fucking person here! You scream in realization that you’re not alone. How the hell did not notice a whole other person here, especially with her eccentric get up? A petite girl huddled up in the corner, light blue hair with white highlights and embarrassingly short shirt colored with typical old timey prisoner stripes. Also is she wearing her pants on her head?

Too many thoughts rack your mind. Who is this girl and why is she in your cell? Why isn’t she wearing her pants normally? Although you’ve made a lot of noise and it doesn’t seem like even reacted to any of it. Is she alright? As you begin carefully approach her, about to reach a hand out; but a rough and tough voice calls out to you interrupting your action. “Hey buddy I wouldn’t mess with her if I were you.” You can’t see the source of the voice so you assume it’s probably from the next cell over. You ask the presumably fellow prisoner why?

“All I can say is that I do not envy you one bit. That cellmate of yours is one hell of a hardened war criminal.” War criminal? This tiny runt? Hah no way in hell, you could easily take this girl in a fight and win without breaking a sweat. He’s gotta be lying, this has to be some sort new prisoner hazing or whatever.

“I don’t even have to see or hear you to know you don’t believe me but hey it’s your funeral at the end of the day.” You still refuse to believe it but that doesn’t mean you don’t have questions. You yell at questions about his statement but he doesn’t respond anymore, just like the guard, he’s probably ignoring you. God why is everyone such an asshole in prison?

And war criminal? That is the funniest thing you’ve heard so far in here. Oh well let’s see what this so called war criminal is all about.
“Hey bigshot! Heard you’re a big deal around here, so what is that deal then?” She doesn’t respond, she still holds that same soulless depressed look; her eyes especially devoid of life but who the fuck does she think she is? You’ve already had enough of people ignoring you already, it’s time to show her what happens if she does that as well.

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You think Pekora ever has nightmares about the millions that she's killed? I don't.

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Goodnight Kenzoku. Sleep tight.

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eat shit and die

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The whole thing was her idea. She edited the video, contacted Coco, Rushia, Moona, Sora and Okayu to help and it was a huge success. I am so proud of her. I hope she make more events like this in the future

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Les images....

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Even on prison Pekora is still beautiful, and her bare feet were the icing on the cake. Wish for a full body pic on very high quality.

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