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J*W*U* How has the mario collab been, they seem like they're having fun, and who's who?
Also, there's so many good streams to watch going on right now, any recommendations on what order I should do my archive reps later?

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J*W*U* How has the Ina stream been so far?

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I'm really enjoying this. It seemed so far away at first when they first talked about doing TTRPG

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Was in a meeting, what's Ina going to be doing today besides being a cute dope?

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I generally only follow a few select seasonals, the only anime I actually sat down and watched recently was Gundam 0079-ZZ to prepare for Ina's watchalong.

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Am working. How has Ina's stream been so far.?How cute has she been?

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JWU How was the Ina/FBK/RBC/Lamy MonHun collab? Nene's 3d?

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Making holes is fun.
t. used to dig holes at the beach as a kid

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Right here, friend! Still feel empty inside

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JWU How's the Kiara stream going, KFP? Seems like things are getting pretty intense.

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This stream's too cute and oddly relaxing. I could watch Ina make a mii for all of hololive.

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People may be dying in horrific ways, but this is a real comfy stream

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I like Kiara, and KFP are cool.

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I love when she goes on tangents like this. She get's real into it and It's really cute.

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It's nice having them all together like a group of friends. Can't wait when they eventually get to action.

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I'm excited

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I missed Ina too!

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>Rushed home to watch Ina
>It's rescheduled
Feel better Ina...

For KFP, how was today's Yakuza stream? I'll make sure to watch after the vod's up.

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It's so nice to hear my priestess' voice

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Ina's so amazing and is surrounded by great friends. I'm so happy for her and she deserves the world...

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Ina's so cute and so amazing...

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I figured I'd clean myself up for the birthday stream but it seems I missed out on an eggcellent thread. Fucking kek this day's shaping up to be great already.

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