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It sucks, she should've really been a loli.

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>I like flat chests too, actually... This is difficult. Also, this is a really personal fetish, but, while I do think swimsuits are best when it goes "big-thin-big", I like it when there's, well, a swimsuit over the flatness. No, not a school swimsuit. A bikini, but the kind where you have three rows of frills on the front. So if a big-chested girl wears one, your eyes get drawn to the breasts instead of the frills. But when a flat girl wears one, that's my fetish. The line to the navel becomes amazing. I also think that it's better without a defined waist that way. I like it a little loli-ish. No need for a defined waist.
>Ina-chan? She pushes all of my buttons just right with that body type.
>No, I do like waists too, I do, but I love those curveless bodies. Makes me want to put a hand under the armpit and go straight down.

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