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Jesus Christ, just fucking kiss already.

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What did we ever do to you ?

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you mean they waste your time with consultations first, then ask you to pay, then refer you to someone else, then ask you to pay again, then ultimately pressure you into taking some form of prescription drugs which don't fix your problem and only moderately treat some of the symptoms, leading to more long-term health complications and dependency, THEN when they've charge you so far up the ass that you're actually unable to afford it, they sell your personal information to a collection agency and try to bleed out as much remaining money as you have before the statute expires in a decade, provided you don't accidentally answer "yes" to any of their underhanded debt acknowledgement questions that they slip into every single interaction with their shitty hospital system.

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>last stream 6 days ago

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yeah i dont blame her

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I hope she's okay

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What a piece of shit

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When will I see my waifu on stage?

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like oshi like fanbase

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Every game I like, Gura ends up dropping. So I'd rather not get my hopes up.. again

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Honestly this is really shit
If you want to take a break do it. dont do excuses
she is a becoming worse and worse i think i dont like her anymore

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How long until the influx is over? Two weeks?

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You know, Sana gets an okay amount of lewd art but none of it works for me. I just don't think I can see her being lewd. She's too fucking dorky and bright.

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ah I get it now, thanks

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>Muh secret knowledge XD
>Trust me bro just go searching for interviews
>A literal idol is definitely gonna talk about taking cock during an interview!
Anon Kiara already had crazed anits during her idol days. Why the absolute fuck would she mention in an interview of all places, that she's taken dick? That would be like covering yourself in gasoline while already on fire.

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Can /pol/ leave?

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This game...does not seem fun

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Feel completely helpless and sick to my stomach. I'd quite literally lose sleep over something like this.

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Dear god I hope so
We're already full to the fucking brim with WoWfugees after that shit caught fire and Endwalker had to be delayed to compensate for them
I want to actually be able to play the game when it comes out

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ID still has yet to get their 3D even though it was announced early this year.

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>6k watching Gura
what went wrong?

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