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Why is the Sparks outfit 1000000x better than the dogshit outfits that Huke has made?

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>Lost out on the chance to become king due to being too big

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did Reine really just make a "that's what she said" joke?

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This is so fucking depressing. Why do you guys enjoy this?

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>Marine shoehorned into literally everything

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Jesus fuck I didnt even think about that. They're just going to get everything handed to them now that the JP server is going to be connected....

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They really can't find a better 3 person game? I was enjoying the multiple weeks of no Apex

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>they aren't unless you use the thread 2/3 of the day

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That's the same thing he said, if anything that makes me believe it more

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Reine got addicted to Mario Kart...

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>Brothertori found out Kiara was a vtuber before she told anyone
>He probably saw doxxposts

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Hello everyone,

Thank you for your support. We felt necessary to communicate clearly what has happened with the EN2 prices. Our stance on the parameters and equations which regulate the market is that we do not change them without warning. We want players to correlate market fluctuations to performance instead of us pushing buttons behind the curtains.

That is to say, while today's mooning makes sense from a numerical perspective, using the statistics and parameters you are already familiar with, it is also the result of Susan bogging both subs and views not once, but twice in a row. And then a third time shortly after. Although resilience parameters are currently incorporated into market equations they were not enough to smooth the behavior of EN2 statistics. We do view this spike as unnatural and are currently discussing how to deal with these prices. We will announce our decision as soon as possible.

The recent episode with the spreadsheet has delayed our schedule quite a bit but we are aware of the rampant inflation and will be intervening soon. As some anons already pointed out, dividends are one of the main reasons for continued inflation but only nerfing the numbers would disproportionately affect newer players, since then it becomes harder to catch up the top of the leaderboard. We are discussing a redesign of the dividend mechanic.

Sorry for being awfully vague here, this week devs we'll let you know more as soon as we decide on it. Although I cannot disclose the exact equations we use if you wish to know more, I am here to answer your questions.

-Dev the third

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>Audition for Hololive English
>"So, do you speak any other languages?"
>"Well, I speak Indonesian"
>"Oh, you should audition for Hololive Indonesia!"

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It's not like literally everyone isn't aware of /vt/ anyway. Doing this in the threads isn't necessary...

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Do (You) have any suggestions for a EOP vtuber who is more gameplay/unique content orientated?
I love Reine (HoloID), and I like Ina (HoloEN), Ame (HoloEN) and recently and especially Selen (NijiEN)? I've been looking for other ones but I've only "found" Selen.

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Reine should be less self conscious. She has a nice voice.

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Please don't.

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You mean Big Water, right, I'm confused

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It's not her fault this time...

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Hello everyone,

Our terrible administration practices have caught up to us once again and for that we are terribly sorry. It seems this time the problem is more serious than last time so Honk is the only one who can solve it at this point in time. We will get him to work on it as soon as possible and will keep you informed of any progress.
As before we will not ninja-adjust or change any mechanics without informing you in advance. The adjustment time has not changed from 9:05 AM, server time and we do not have any plans of changing it.
I will be here to answer your questions while revising whatever part of the code I can. Thank you for playing our game and sorry for the recent mess.

-Dev the third

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They do. But there's only so much time the EN can invest, they're generally busy. And yes, I am both in Anya and Reine's memberships and they do talk about it. They also like Kiara so fuck off.

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