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With the new and improved expiring license, we can make those taxes cheaper and remove the extension fee! Just pay 1M weekly and it's all yours for a week!!

But really, 1M even feels very cheap if we can reduce the auction taxes compared to what we get weekly and since we get weekly dividends.

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Watching expert and proficient ghost hunters Ina and Anya plus their cute, terrified senpai ghost hunter Watame do their best to prevent Watame from going fainting goat on them as they have some fun times playing Phasmophobia. Anya's basically ready to punch a ghost in the nose while Watame's adorable screams heals the soul.
While Subaru has started Kiwami and she's already become infatuated with the soft, caring yet sharp eyes of Kiryu. She also noticed Majima's name and will soon understand why he's a Yakuza fan favorite soon enough. She's having lots of fun already as she's entranced by the cityscapes and buildings.
While Noel's off dealing with the worst stage of the FFX, the Thunder Plains in FFX. I do wonder if Noel's going to try to get all of the ultimate weapons for her party members because if so, I don't think she'll have the patience to dodge these lightning bolts for that many times, seriously screw lightning bolts.
While Moona and her moonas are still chatting around with her fans, reading through supachats and donations while going off on tangents like she usually does during AsaMoona.
WhIlRyS IRyS is going to bring us some more of that wonderful Minecraft goodness as she's going to be having another grand adventure in the block game. Everytime IRyS boots this game up, amazing things begin to happen out of no where and this will probably be no different.
While it's time. Choco has once again awoken her need to shoot and will now be playing Apex as long as she can and won't stop until she reaches Gold. Please pray that she either gets possessed by the soul of a seaweed alien or her Guardian Robot falls from the sky and guides her to her goal slowly but surely. Unless you're prepared for 18+ hours of Apex again.
Hololive and the store branch Don Quijote have decided to collab! Limited edition Hololive goods will be sold throughout all the various stores due to this and Noel and Mel have been appointed as the designated Don Qui girls. There were 31 different Mochi Dolls of Hololive talents but naturally those have already been completely sold out. By the way, did you know that Noel and Mel along with Shion and Marine sang the theme song for said stores? It's a fun little jam to get stuck in your head so give it a stream or two whenever you get the chance.
So friends, where we at?

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What started out with one person playing Minecraft has now turned into an almost full Council Minecraft collab (If Kronii was singing in less than 10 minutes, she'd definitely join in) along with IRyS and Ame. It's honestly incredible just how much people have come on to join in on this gaming. They've got one day to get all these working contraptions up and running before getting drop kicked by management for the portal opening so they these folks better get this park and playground up and running!
While Ina is satisfying her crippling gacha needs by getting her rolls on in D4DJ after destroying multiple takos in the game, despite it being her first time doing Expert mode in NCP. Looks like not only are takos a bunch of fatty fat fatties, they also don't know how to use their multiple tentacles to win video games.
While Ollie says to get out of her way because she's Robo Lifeline and she's got a giant sword for slaying folks despite this being a rootin' shootin' game.
While Lamy continues to be sweeter than usual still reading through all the Lamy supachats she's received today.
While in less than 10 minutes, Polka and Flare are going to be spending all of their hard earned carrots on rolling the new Uma Musume gacha! Who will luck out this time? Tune in to find out!
TOWA! She's such an amazing singer and when she releases a new cover you can bet your fat ojiisan asses that's it's going to be absolutely incredible. Today she sang Hearts and she sang it with a lot of heart. If you haven't listened to it yet, you really need to go over and get a taste of it. It's really good!
So friends, where we at?

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Watching my oshi Ayame, Mio and Fubuki gathered together under the same roof as it's time for them to show us why they're a part of the GAMER Gen (+Mio's Daughter) of Hololive. Go Mio, Fubuki and Ayame Go!
While Kiara takes up her sword and shield as today she's going to be finishing Skyward Sword no matter what because she's got to make room for her outstanding Tales of series of streams. Give Kiara you power KFP, or whatever you have left after all those sessions of Fall Guys.
While Nene's new costume is cute...that gets DOUBLE the cute when she pulls out the twintails, it's like looking at your cute daughter regress in age as she goes from sidetail to twintail. We've even got a Gen 5 photo OP with their new costumes!
While Ollie has grabbed the Treerrat by the tail and dragged her off to Chess.com where she proceeds to teach Risu all of the delicate intricacies there are to playing Chess which I'm sure Risu is failing to memorize.
While Iofi's playing some weird artistic VN-like video game called Let's Meet Our Fated Partner. I don't know what's going on in the game but it's up Iofi's alley so it must be very girly.
While Mel's finally back and has chosen to stream...more of that Crayon Shin-chan game that's been all the rage in Hololive. Her third stream of it in fact. Hopefully she's enjoying whatever it is you do in that game because she's making an extreme amount of cute noises as she usually does.
While AZKi's concert rebroadcasts are going strong, today is her 7th Live "Stand at the Crossroads". Every one of AZKi's concerts are a sight to behold and it's so great that she's rebroadcasted all of them so that those who've missed out on watching them can view her in all her splendor.
Today Rikka released a new cover, giving us an incredible rendition of Phony. He really made some unique choices during this song to make it stand out from other covers and the power of his high note reaching is unparalleled in the Holostar space. You should seriously give him the song a stream if you missed out on the premiere, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
So friends, where we at?

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We only have a small amount of dead hours today, so hurry up and go do some stretches or warm up some food or what not and then get ready for some more of Fubuki's grand PSO2 adventures in less than 25 minutes. She has a blast with this game and she'll probably be stalked by a huge crowd of people again!
A final reminder that Kiara released a cover of Goodbye Sengen today, and Yuna, the MV creator, did a phenomenal job with the visuals. Kiara's singing isn't bad either as she gives us a unique take on the song that sets it apart from all of the others who sang it before her. You definitely should give it at least a try before judging it unlike some of the incredibly idiot folks out there blindly hating things without dipping their toes in the water.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Botan healing our hearts with incredible laughter as she incites her units to their doom by giving cheering for them despite them having no chance in hell in TABS.
While Pekora's got done with Final Fantasy X and has decided the next RPG that is meant to be conquered by her is the Dragon Quest of Yakuza. That's right it's time for Pekora to not take on X-2 but actually take on Yakuza 7!
While Subaru's got her weapons and armor strapped up and she's ready to go with her best bro Yangus and her best girl Jessica as they genocide monsters in order to save the world.
While Reine's got a whole lot of street food to munch on as today's Brunch stream is her chowing down on different street foods.
While Teamates are still screaming and cheering for their favoite detective as she's just singing song after song in her Member's Karaoke and their body can't contain this power.
While you can tell Astel is just brimming with happiness right now as he's just killing these songs left and right in his Celebratory Guerilla Unarchived Karaoke. Like seriously, listen to him go https://streamable.com/vqo1rj
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Gura who's sleep schedule is horrific but she's cute so she gets a pass and she's even been taking more baths, so now she's gonna gather her chumbuds to watch some CUTE and FUNNY animes. Why don't you guys go recommend her Blend S or the greatest anime Gabriel Dropout, now those are some good choices.
While in 45 minutes, The COCOCK and her husband Rajanata are going to be slaying monsters together, potentially ending with Kanata riding wife and life will be good.
Speaking of good here's a last reminder that Mori, the coolest shinigami rapper in all the lands, released an awesome english rap cover of Roki today. If you skipped over it for the entire day consider yourself not only uncool but also unbased and we'll even go as far as to say that you're a big dummy. If you don't want to be any of those then hurry up and listen to the cover.
So friends, where we at?

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LISTEN! After Mori pretty much spoiled the Matrix for Gura and for any other weirdos who haven't seen the movie yet and after describing what the Vigil is we're finally getting into the character creation. KIARA HAS TWO GUNS CONFIRMED. WATOTO IS THE STRONGEST.
While Towa, Naraka, Sumire and Ratna make calls that literally none of them can here because there's always one person yelling at the top of her lungs, spitting gibberish like hot rap lyrics.
While Miyabi has finally reached the 10 hour mark of playing FFXIV and he has helped the resistance once again, getting all these junks out of town. Don't know if he's playing more, he reached a good stopping point apparrently.
So friends where we at? Incredibly FAST threads.

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9 hours. Some of you have been here with Gura playing DMC3 for nine whole hours. That's nine hours of Gura squeaks, spanks, shouts, and deaths. You've even been blessed with the Gura Sneeze. Hell now someone's put into her head that she should roleplay as the demon little sister of Dante and Vergil for the upcoming TTRPG and her brains so fried that she might actually think about it aaaaallll night while sleeping. Are you even ready for such a thing /hlgg/? Are you?
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Amelia destroy demons, like she has been, using brand-spanking new weapons and guns and dazzling all her Teamates with her incredible gaming prowess. She's truly a sight to behold.
While Okayu is still grinding out Shiren 5 in a massive endurance stream that reflects her perseverance and love for her Onigiryaa, who are no doubt enjoying the stream right now.
And if you haven't checked it out yet; my oshi Ayame released a cover of Goodbye Sengan today. She did an amazing job and her bubbly vocals is going to brighten up your day, so hurry up and go give it a listen to if you need some full body, spirit and mind healing.
Speaking of bubbly and cute vocals, check out AZKi's new MV! One word: CUTE. It's so fun, quirky, but reflects her talent and hard work to a T. Check it out!
On the topic of great new songs, check out Rikka's new MV! It's for his original song, Archive, and something he dedicated for his graduated friends from Holostar. Breathtaking, beautiful, emotional, and amazing.
Roboco's birthday was today and her birthday party is coming up which you will be attending, you have no exccuse. In the meantime listen to this cute robot who sung Envy Baby to us and graced us with cute robot vocals and sexy eigo.
So friends, where we at?

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Having a blast with Noel's English learning stream like always, enjoying her inspiring perseverance to learn eigo while doing it in a funny and cute way.
Outside of that though, it's dead hours from here on out. But it's okay, since Miko and Subaru will be live in a few hours, doing their usual antics.
And don't forget Astel and Izuru are releasing a new cover song in 7 hours! Make sure you give it a listen when it comes out.
So friends, where we at?

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WAHtching Ina get completely distracted by the multitudes of cats that have spawned in the concentration camp village Kiara raised with care and love. Ina's also being super cuter than usual today but also super dorkier than usual today so I'll say this has been quite the perfect day.
While you didn't think Watame would be done with supachat readings despite starting 3 hours ago now did you? She's still going at it with the tangents and fluffy laughter.
Speaking of fluffy, no corrolation but Sora and AZKi released another duo cover song today. This time they sang Seishoujo Ryouki from Rozen Maiden and just like all their other duo covers, this one is amazing to listen to. That's why you should hurry up and listen to it if you haven't already you nutjob.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Gura carry around the armory of an average American citizen while snubbing out the Dimitrescu bloodline in cold blood. Now she's taking on the big lady herself who's gone into her true form.
While Flare's Duolingo stream is fantastic, with her flexing her already decent knowledge of eigo from her constant usage of DeepL during her fun supachat readings.
While Rushia takes on the Resident Evil Biohazardo once more so prepare for some incredible Rushia screaming noises.
While Astel is trying to keep his mind intact through talking with his fans, basically talking about his banter with Aruran as Ranked Apex has taken its toll on this seaweed boy. Current Rank Plat I.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Gura feast like her life depended on it mostly because it does as all the architects of /hlgg/ breath heavily while she consumes the snacks on stream during this cute and funny guerilla Minecraft stream.
While we've got this amazing collab of Roboco and Ame to watch, prepare for some precious as hell robot eigo and cute Ame giggles as the two unlikely but beloved duo play some Hide and SHRIEK.
While Nene's being a smug little bear, having so much fun during her supachat reading while using her hyper Nenechi eigo to reply to her kaigainikkis and give them SO many kisses today.
While APEX SAIKYOU yells the seaweed man as he loses control of his life grinding out the ranked matches of Apex Legends as he tries to reach solo Masters this season (and good luck with that holy shit it's such a fucked season.) Current Rank: Plat IV.
While Temma's busting up blocks and monsters a like, creating a wonderful base of operations to live in until he's ready to continue on with the story of Dragon Quest Builders 2.
So friends, where we at?

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Listening to Pekora being adorable as hell as she decided today to give us a very ogey karaoke stream.
While welcome to Calliope Mori, the reaper who is very stubborn and saw all the comments regarding her Shadowverse match against Kiara so now we must prepare for an actual Shadowverse arc and why is she like this?
While Fubuki's just have a nice little Golden Week edition zatsudan, describing how her days have been and sometimes breaking out into a little sing song.
While in 15 minutes, we're going to get a full Gen 4 collab in Monster Hunter Rise. Yes that's right, a full gen collab in a four player game, meaning it's going to be a very interesting stream to watch.
While in 15 minutes, Iofi's going to be drawing lots of meow meows and woof woofs in another one of her comfy drawing streams.
While in 15 minutes, We're going to be getting a full Gen 5 collab of Bomberman Online, so expect some amazing Lion giggles, Lamy and Polka screams and Super Hyper Power Nenechi destroying the opposition.
While in 45 minutes, holy shit, Risu's finally back to playing Nier Automata, all hail the treerrat of karaoke blueballing.
While in 45 minutes, Matsuri, P4KAEL and Wat are going to have an actual Apex session that isn't bogged down with connection issues.
While in 45 minutes, Moona's going to continue beating the absolute shit out of yakuza members as she plays some more Yakuza 0.
So friends, where we at?

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Can't hold back these tears of joy hearing Gura's angelic voice singing these wonderful songs while huddled around the campfire with everyone else swaying and vibing out.
While Daisenpai's lovely giggles and enthusiastic noises after she gets her questions in Duolingo correct and there's so much healing going on in these hours.
Also Sora and AZKi released a duet cover of Seesaw today and these two powerhouses did such an incredible job singing it together. If you have not listened to it yet, you're really missing out big time.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Shion being adorable AND bratty as fuck today as she rides around on her rails with camera in hand snapping pictures at the roaming Pokemon wildly while yelling how fucking cute they are in Pokemon Snap.
While Flare is using all her strength to prevent herself from saying some very colorful language while she's sponsored to play this platformer called Wonder Boy.
While Korone's playing yet another story as she blazes through the Saga Frontier remaster with her superior dog intelligence and endurance, optimizing her training areas and skill usage.
While Reine is traveling and solving puzzles and cases in the 2D world of the 3D video game called AI and she's panicking because now her Peacock brain is being pushed to its limit.
While Matsuri is in soft and comfy mode as she's blessing everyone with a wonderfully chill Minecraft stream where she just connects with her fans.
While Okayu's finished with her grinding today and is now closing everyone off with a supachat reading.
While it's Saturday Supachat Fever with Watame as she finished singing and is now in the usual supachat session of the stream.
While Rushia's finished whispering sweet yandere words into our ears before cleaning them out and is now reading through all the supachats she's gotten.
While Astel and Miyabi's marriage has been waning for a bit so now they've decided to play throgh It Takes Two together to build it back up.
By the way did you know that Sora and AZKi teamed up together for a fantastic cover of Seesaw? It SorAZ first duet since AZKi's new model and just like always when it comes to these two singing they sound absolutely fantastic. If you haven't listened to it, or didn't know about it, do consider giving it a listen, it's truly breathtaking.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Ina play the Song of the Ancient Ones on her Hunting Horn and subject the monsters to eternal pain and torment as their sanity and HP completely drops to 0.
While Lamy is finally going to take a swing of things as it's her turn to get those HR ranks up as she takes on all the new monsters like Bazel in Monster Hunter Rise.
While Amelia's being cuter than usual today like every single day as she swims around and rips a poor eel's teeth right out of it's mouth in Super Mario Sunshine.
While in 15 minutes, Choco picks up her guns as she shows us what it means to be an Apex Succubus in Apex Legends.
Also, today Watame released an absolutely amazing cover of Hello, How Are You. Her soft, fluffy vocals and beautiful voice makes this cover an absolutely amazing experience to listen to. If you haven't given it a listen, you definitely should, you're missing out big time if you skip it.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching the Strongest Hunter of Hololive Princess Luna hard grinding Monster Hunter Rise to achieve HR30, taking on everything (except Rampages) by herself with no worries.
While Kanata and surprise guest Polka go off to take on more of the strongest monsters like Mr. Fuck You and Your Monster fights himself the on and only Bazelgeuse as well as shit heads lik Chameleos and Kushala.
While Haachama's done running her fingers across your chiseled chest and blowing and whispering into your ear softly while occasionally licking it and is now closing it off with a supachat reading of ASMR proportions.
While Robo Korone is busy going into grind mode as she wipes out mobs left and right in order to obtain the power needed to complete more stories in the Saga Frontier remaster.
While Moona's getting a taste of love and compassion as she speaks on the phone with a lovely lady in Yakuza. Unless it's a MAN!
While Aqua had an absolutely fantastic karaoke today and enjoyed her singing break to calm her mind and is now closing us off with a cute supachat reading.
While Aruran and his book is here to take on all the machinations of destruction has he starts up his Nier Replicant journey. Holy fucking shit hurry up and get EN permissions I NEED to see Ina play this.
Also Watame released a fluffy and fantastic cover of Hello, How Are You today. Seriously if you haven't listened to it yet, you absolutely need to give it a chance. It's just way too good.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Gura splash the water in her tub causing every cunny chaser worldwide to explode in joy and then dive into the sea to plunder Atlantis for naked shark girls as she confirms that she was naked for 9000+ year in her QnA stream.
While Ina absolutely raised our spirits as she graced us with her soulful and actually really decent gorillla SSS karaoke before she goes back to answering questions.
By the way AZKi released a song cover of Sayonara Moratorium and it sounds absolutely wonderful. If you didn't catch it yet, please check it out below.
Astel also released a song cover of Goodbye Sengen today. A wonderful song cover showcasing his amazing ability. If you haven't listened to it, you really should give it a listen.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Ina and Aki being super fucking adorable as they get webbed and melted by the cool looking but absolutely terrifying baby slinging Rakna as their last challenge in this amazing Monster Hunter Rise collab.
While Gura and her rivalry and teasing of V is wholesome as hell but her wielding a fucking grenade launcher is cool as fuck as she blows everything up in her DMC5 stream.
While Ame's grooving out to bubbabot as she continues her super adorable supachat reading and all teamates belong to her now, so you better make sure to act.
While Anya's gonna go on another one of her journeys as she picks up another story based calming game called A Bird Story.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Lamy take on the higher tier of hunts in Monster Hunter Rise by herself and then get slapped around by a limping Diablos and then fail the quest because she performed the final cart against a fucking Anjanath but she's adorable as hell and makes cute frustrated lip sucking noises so it was all worth it in the end.
While Temma's english learning is over and now it's time for his cultural equivalent exchange as he teaches his kaiginikkis about certain japanese phrases they can use.
While in 2 minutes, Teamates are going to be kneeling and crying in joy as it's time for Amelia to show off her singing reps in her Membership Karaoke.
While in 2 minutes, Roberu will finish wiping off his desk and invites us over to have a sit down at Bar Robel.
So friends, where we at? And Charge Blade chads, how does it feel knowing Gura hasn't abandoned us yet?

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Watching Ina being way cuter and comfier than usual today like everyday as she continues doing her Nier fanart while proving that she's the perfect wife as she woke up to watch Nene's amazing 3D earlier this morning and then announced to the entire world that tako tako tako, tako tako....tako tako.
While Kiara's on the final legs of her 5+ Hour supachat reading as she's being sweet and lovable like she always is and giving lots of hugs and kisses to her K- cats.
By the way, Shion have released a song cover for Vampire which you can catch here, if you haven't already.
And also Temma released his a cover for his birthday. It's Happy Synthesizer due to his love of vocaloid, and you can catch it here if you haven't heard it yet.
So friends, where we at?

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