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>Oshi asks if we love her
>Type yes
>Actually don't love her or particularly like her, she just entertains me when i'm bored
kind of a weird feeling bros...

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>Justify this statement, no you can't use the evidence that proves Gura can't match Miko that's cheating! It's rigged! CONSPIRACY! Youtube hates Gura!

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At least make an attempt.

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>M-Muh VOD views
Like clockwork

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I liked Gura until i saw that clip where she was talking to her friend and called herself his prostitute.
I don't hate her now but the illusion was shattered.

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you arent actually tuning for this, right anon?

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>That's just her voice. That's how she talks.
Way to out yourself as a newfag.

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>comments nothing but "Nakadashi"
fucking KEK

you did not actually just put your own faggot comment from a few hours ago into an image?
because if you did, then
>pic related
is mfw

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>t. not a streamer.
To be fair neither is Ayame

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t. faggot

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Not even 2 weeks and she's already trying to start shit. I keep telling you she's bad news and you faggots won't listen. Frankly, this hobby deserves to die since so many retards in this community refuse to do their due diligence.

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People interested in actual history/novels/science beyond a meme-level aren't going to become vtubers.

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I remember just two months ago Lumi was supposed to be the "smart' vtuber and now she's going for the meme enjoyer audience. I mean whatever you gotta do.

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>and no, being chinese is not something wrong.

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>implied shorthair
why downgrades, whyyyyyyyyyyy

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You make one joke in chat and then the vtuber starts seething over it.
Damn chill, can't they just ignore it?

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>Myth are actually more popular in Japan than gen 5. Just check 5ch.

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she would probably only like the south of Chile but hate the indios there.

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>Trusting Paxos with your money
Kys shitcoin shill

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i hope so anon, i really do....

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>5 years since EP6
>Season 2 is still not out yet
At least we have the leaked preview of the 1st episode.

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sleep ig

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>EN numbers
Nothing has changed, nature is just healing and removing the Hololive's disease.

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