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No, it's pottery.

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Nothing, tbqhwyphamalamborghini
As long as you're not trying to pressure irl dudes into stuff, it's okay to schlick it to gay shit

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You're alright in my book. The pastebin was too self-aware about others reading it, and that ruins the authenticity in my view, and if you want to write a song, just do it, don't put it into a message for Mori because you can't expect any input from her. You should just practice writing songs if that's what you want to do. You seem at the very least old enough to post on this democratic chinese republican heraldry board but not having a driver's license and moving out makes you seem like you really haven't done much in life (I don't think that's the case, I mostly think it's unnecessary to mention and yeah, it does make you come off as if you're pitying yourself over not fulfilling your higher ambitions). But I don't think I will write much different stuff to her, and I'll just do a letter simply because a personal sentiment shouldn't be aired in public like that.
I can sympathize with that person as well. And I can't give a fuck about muh immersion, we shouldn't pretend that Mori means the same thing to each and everyone of us. I can relate to the idea that she saved him and if that's what keeps him going, by all means. But give yourself some fucking credit and agency for how you feel about other people and how you continue with your life, man. Being this bleak about one's own life ruins a lot of potential and makes it very hard to just deal with the hand you're given. And Mori as a character embodies that idol very, well, so if you like her so much, try to be a bit more like her good qualities and don't worry so much about how the outside may view you.

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I'm gonna say it before this thread falls off the catalog.
I love our dorky, coming to terms with having fans and financial support and fame and fortune and big softie coming out of her shell Mori
But I want the edgy, angsty weeaboo white girl rapper demon

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This, tbqhwyphamalamborghini
All these stupid hate threads make me want to protect the Nazi chicken

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>ywn carry your oshi's roommate in your arms
Why live?

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They are all great. UNITY

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>Fly me to the moon

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>I feel no regret for starting my brain projection project on making a Polka subroutine in my brain to always see and feel her. She's the greatest...

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guys I need something to watch I don't want to be alone with my thoughts I NEED MY CHUUBAS

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>>My life matters _subjectively_ to me
>>he thinks meaning is objective
I'm not following. Meaning is absolutely subjective. You can observe what is meaningful to people for your own orientation, but not more than that.
I have fun here but not nearly as much around here as I would like to have. But every once in a while, some anon posts something that makes me admire some chuuba a bit more.
Be it because of how much fun they seem to have playing something, be it alone or while messing around together.
Or because of how great the stuff is they do at times, be it a song or a minecraft house.
Be it because of what they or their roommates accomplished, as a result of or in spite of what they did before.
I'll never be good enough to make proper music or art and I don't enjoy or like myself that often. But I can stop being pathetic about what I am not and try to be better, and do things that matter to me even if they involve shitposting on a taiwanese pottery board. If I'm having fun by doing that, which I do, then there is still a point.

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