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>6 viewers now

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Wait, people actually liked Mori's "rapping"?

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Not every parent can be like Pako or Yaman.
> I thought it was great how Yaman made Coco's reincarnated/og self. That's loyalty on both sides.

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We'll start with an easy one. For the value of a single Iofi Coin, Rrat or Fiction:
>Pekora dislikes this type of face edit because she thinks it is uncute.

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Dont care still not watching niggersanji

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Holofantasy minus Pekora thread?

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fuck your jelly donut

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>>successfully manages to stay in holo&niji circles
ENniggers are not, and do not, represent the whole companies.

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Kek Nice Mirror Force

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First barcus... and now hotbox... the decline is real

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The final Yab will son be upon us. I feel it in my bones. I don't know who, but soon enough one holo will either retire or is in mortal danger. I don't watch any holo other than Moona and Kobo, so I don't know what's going on with most chuubas, but be warned that a reckoning is coming. I felt this way before Haachama had the taiwan yab. I feel something big coming. I'm not saying this will effect you, but something will happen for the worse.

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No problem ogey collector

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> burns down his house cause he wants to bang some drums

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>there is a higher than zero chance we will get a "VTubers|Down the rabbit hole" video

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At some point you have to start wondering if Mori's entire discography isn't just a combination of coping and seething and winning imaginary arguments from the haters.
>"old friends dislike me for selling out to the anime weebs"
>sold out to the anime weebs
>"I live in antis' heads rent free"
>got so butthurt about it she dedicated three songs to them
>"vtweeters think consoomers give brands instant success"
>literally in a consoomer brand, retroactively proves them right in a month-long spiral culminating in a kanokari cuck meme tweet and a literal ao3 cuckold story
>"I'm letting go of my past life and accepting who I am"
>lurks /vt/ and repeatedly goes back to old persona shit
>"the haters won't get me down"
>tries to epically pwn a week old SEA tweet, backtracks about substance abuse, pretends/admits she doesn't know what lean is, aged faster than a president
I don't remember what the new album is about but I'm pretty sure it's about selling out to anisong again

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>go to theme park
>meet girl that sounds like Veibae
>try to talk to her
>she reacts in a bitchy way, proving she's Veibae
>go back home happy that you met your favourite vslut irl
>random literal who tuber thinks it was all about her

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