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EN still seems only back up 1 rung, to its prior level of nerf stick from last year, while JP seems to have been fully restored

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>JP gen 2
>abject failure
you baiting nigger

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I kind of really want to catch Astel's 3D Debut, am I allowed to sleep early today?

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Isn't it surprising that when people outsource their IPs to companies that actually care about the games put out games that practically save the franchise? Metroid Dread and Sonic Mania are some of the best games the said franchises has ever had and brought them from the dead. Now where's my new F-Zero game?

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https vk com video637310018_456239033

watch warmly and pray for my onion while you're at it

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>people keep asking why they play apex, insisting it's not a buff game because they personally hate it because /hlg/ told them to

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>watched the all ENs debut
>subbed to 3 of them and dropped a few JPs in turn
>7 months in
>only subbed to 1 EN
>Picked up 5 JPs on the meantime
Fuck your language barrier it was supposed to be the opposite way

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Where's Gura?

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