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Watching Mori, Kiara, Unfazed Fauna and deeply terrified Bae get completely party wiped as the first ghost they faced was just way too smart, taking out the least scared first and taking out the rrat last who was paralyzed in fear. For being Phasmophobia, this collab's been pretty fun, especially considering this was Bae's idea. They at least managed to get a couple of bucks on the second ghost hunt. That means they're improving! They can only go up from here! Go go go!
Kanade MiMi, a friend of AZKi, got together with our precious diva idol and delivered this very sexy cover of Mrs. Pumpkin. Mimi's singing voice has a deep, sensual feel to it and AZKi's cute but adult like vocals mesh incredibly well. If you haven't been exposed to this song yet, you really should go give it a listen to, you won't regret it.
AsuIzu! Our cute smol boys got together for another duet cover! This time however it wasn't some slow, cutesy song but a fast, high tension, super energetic cover of the song called Oni KYODAN. Both of these talented singers absolutely nailed the rapid fire lyrics and their harmonization are always on point. This is seriously an amazing cover to listen to, and you'd have to be insane to skip out on it.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Kiara continue on with her supachat reading as she breaks off into 10-20 minute long tangents after reading a single supachat as she's just having the time of her life marrying her cats and confirming that KFP will never be able to satisfy her like they do so they should just give up. Also she revealed that Gura has also sunk her valley teeth into Tenchou's booty so now she's been infected with the valley. That makes everyone in HoloEN as well as HoloID who have been under the influence of either oh nyoo or valley girl....sometimes even both. And Gura will get away with it too.
While it's time for another AsaMio! As per usual she usually always has a wonderful translator in her chat as she talks about her day as well as talk about those submissions you sent her with the hashtag of the week. Come join in to hear cute wolf noises and giggles and get super comfy.
Fubuki and Oga, otherwise known as FOXDEMON finally made another cover song today! This time they tackled the super fun song called Childish War. Fubuki and Oga are absolutely fantastic in this cover, the genki vocals of Fubuki mixing perfectly with the suave vocals of Oga and creating the perfect balance. Smug Oga is such a blessing to this earth and you need to have this song in your life if you haven't given it a stream yet, seriously get to it.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Flare being bad at video games as this tako infused chozo warrior keeps squirting ink into her eyes, rendering her unable to dodge incredibly telegraphed attacks with her flash dash. She is however doing her best, so shut up! Exclamation mark.
While Lunya's being the incredibly adorable right now as she's becoming the best video game programmer in the world, already making a game where 80% of the gaming journalists out there would be unable to complete the first level since you have to actually jump to reach the goal. She's having a lot of fun with this and it's an honest to god incredibly relaxing experience.
Today Iofi decided to be exceptionally cute today and released this cover of the full ID song Buatmu Tertawa. Her sweet, soft vocals and the illustrations in the MV really give a super comfy vibes and if you need to kick back and listen to a song that'll make you forget your troubles, this is one song that's perfect to stream over and over again.
The cute group ChocoShubaLuna had their first anniversary today and to celebrate Luna managing to conquer this Duck's heart with the help of Choco, they gave us this cover of Cherry Cherry Bomb. The MV for it is super cute and all three of them sound wonderful as they sing this song, so if you haven't given it a stream yet, you're greatly missing out.
So friends, where we at?

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Getting teary-eyed as Ame pulls out two powerful duets, singing End of a Life with Mori, getting our heartstrings tugged on and then hitting us with a Wonderwall duet with Meimei, making sure that we couldn't recover. Ame's having a load of fun taking requests and singing duets and that in turn makes us happier than ever to hear her give her all while singing. Go Ame Go!
While Nene is still doing her best to at least get a kill in her Apex Legends ranked matches, wielding TWO guns for double the firepower and courage. It's not working though. Nene's cute though and that's all that matters. Current Rank: Bronze IV
While Aruran and Temma are still goofing around in Smash Ultimate, practicing their shield punish and combo game so that when they face off against fans or other vtubers, they won't look like total fools. Tabun.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching FAUNA being a little scaredy Kirin as the game hasn't even started yet and she's already achieved 100bpm. That is not her restng heartrate by the way, she's just really terribly bad with horror games and RE7 is pretty goddamn scary at times. Pray for Mother Nature please.
While in less than 55 minutes, Gawr Guwa's gonna be pwaying some more Minecwaft oh nyo~. She's got a bone to pick with some UpaLupas who've messed with the wrong shark and she'll be teaching them a lesson. Probably.
While in less than 55 minutes, Bae's showing off just how big brain this rrat can get as she's going on a training montage to become the smartest rrat in all the lands, training under Dr. Kawashima and his Brain Exercises.
While you've got the Gator Patrol over there enjoying their time watching Ame being a completely adorable goofball in her member's stream where she talks about things and shows off all the emotes she's got planned.
Today was Ollie's birthday and besides having an incredibly long totsu with over 50 of her friends calling in to wish her a happy birthday, she also uploaded a brand new cover song! This was the first full ID song she's ever covered on her channel and she did a really good job at singing. You should give it a stream or two if when you get the chance. Your might just get healed from it.
Watame took a well deserved rest today after delivering the performance of a lifetime during her amazing solo concert yesterday. But just because she's resting doesn't mean she still can't bring smiles worldwide as she uploaded a cover of FANSA today. This will definitely heal your aching, darkened soul because Watame's singing just has that much healing power contained within it. Give it a stream if you're having a bad day or just want to listen to some beautiful singing.
KanaTowa! They got to collab with Squeenix and sang the theme song for the company's brand new RPG called Deep Insanity ASYLUM! The song is a super bop and KanaToaw's singing power never fails to impress. If you haven't jammed out to this song yet, you need to do so ASAP, you're missing out big time.
So friends, where we at?

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WAHtching Ina showing us her roofing plans for her incredibly lovely onsen building. She's getting all the counting done and stone slabs while being cuter than usual. It's been quite the Minecraft rush hasn't it? So many new buildings have popped up and once the JP folks arrive they're going to be in complete awe at how the EN server doesn't look like the boonies anymore...mostly.
The incredibly sexy cat and incredibly cool tenshi got together once more to bless our ears with another amazing cover. The duo sang Religion of Loneliness which is a religion many /hlgg/ folks should know. If you haven't listened to this cover yet, you are denying yourself something fantastic. Get to streaming it ASAP.
Matsuri says she wants to take a swing at singing Cinderella and that's exactly what she did! She's always got an amazing and underrated singing voice and she really had a lot of fun singing this song. You should give it a stream or two, I'm sure you'll be swaying your head back and forth listening to the cutie sing this popular song.
Ever wonder what it would sound like if you take the cool vocals of Arupapa and the soft vocals of Astel? No need to wonder as the two got together and put out this amazing cover of RYTHEM. Aruran's reps are paying off and the harmony these two achieve during this cover is actually mind blowing. You're seriously missing out big time if you haven't given this cover a stream or two.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching the end of this hilarious UNO collab that ended with Kronii saying Moe Moe Kyun~ twice and then Bae hit us with the super cute Moe Moe Kyun~ And then Kronii got horny from Bae bursting her eardrums...this was quite the weird ending but it was also the most kino ending. Hope you all enjoyed the stream! Remember to say thanks to Mori, Gura, Bae and Kronii!
While Meimei's off just drawing a bunch of things during her Membership celebration Part 2 stream and don't you just want to rub her head vigorously from how adorable she is?
Pekora! Released this super good cover of Cinderella today! Her singing power is so fun to listen to and it really shined with this song. If you haven't heard it yet, I do recommend you give it a stream or two, you won't regret it.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Ame still being cute as a button, remembering all of the fun streams she's done in the past due to some supachats bringing them up. She says she'll try her best to make her next Thanksgiving stream just as good as the last one and she has plenty more projects to share with us in the future. It must feel damn good to be a Teamate.
While in less than 25 minutes, Roboco says it's breakfast time and so breakfast is what she's going to eat. She's been eating a lot of BREAD based meals in the morning nowadays and she her breakfast streams have actually been incredibly comfy. Plus she has one of the cutest gifs accompanying her.
If you're a Takodachi then I hope you're having the time of your life going Back To The Future with the cutest priestess in the universe.
So friends, where we at?

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Still chilling out with BIG SANA as the art piece she's working on is coming out incredible. The way she utilizes colors are incredible and her art style has gone way past just cute and resides into the dangerously cute territory. Also Sana is not a space clown, she does not make the ha ha jokes because jokes are for clowns.
UMISEA's skits days are over and hopefully you enjoyed Gura's As and Ina's impeccable VA work. Since the skits are done, UMISEA has put out one last hurrah in the form of a brand new original song. If you haven't listened to it yet, you should definitely give it a try. It's got a pretty unique feel to it and it could very well be a song you'd enjoy and jam out to.
So friends, where we at?

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WAHtching Ina have a moment of silence as Cod Howard, The Cod Father and the Cod Mother have all left this physical plane and moved on to ascend to Codhood. Now all we've got is a bunch of test subjects surrounding the memorial to the Cods. Basically this is another cute Ina Minecraft stream that you should tune into right now.
While Kiara's continuing on with her supachat reading, breaking off into her usual tangents after two or three supachats. She also says it's time for Holotori because Cover management smells bad and need to take a cold shower before they get burned by Tenchou spitting hot fire.
So friends, where we at?

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Not only did we get some absolutely outstanding live concerts from Mori, Kiara and Gura, but now we've got these actual sick as hell looking Anniversary merch to purchase. It's truly crazy how this was all probably set mostly by if not completely by Ame and it's ended up being one of the greatest streams in 2021. I hope you guys are enjoying the hell out of this kino Smol Ame stream because if you're not then you might be diagnosed with some kind of weird brain problems. ALSO NEW OUTFITS CONFIRMED, LOOK AT THOSE SILHOUETTES!
While Lamy's facing off against that spider lady that everyone wants to date in Undertale and she's making some hilarious Lamy noises as she gets munched on by vicious spiders and roaming donuts.
While Roberu's still being Roberu, lauhing at potato chips and unchi in the chat while already going off to his bathroom break as the world intended.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Gura playing her first ever Warioware game as we're going to witness just how good she is at thinking on her feet and if she's able to process easy to understand prompts and complete all the minigames. We're also off to a great start as she got a game over on the first boss of the first stage of this game, incredible.
While Noel's feeling super muscle today and so she will celebrate obtaining 1.3m subs by singing nothing but FREEDOM songs today. I hope you're prepared for a healthy dosage of soul /hlgg/.
While Watame's still being cute and fluffy in her picture snapping adventure called Alba Wildlife Adventure. She's been chasing after owls and other birds and being amazed at the sounds of the water and dolphins.
Rikka released this outstanding cover of Phony today. You should hurry up and go stream it when you get the chance, some of you seem like you could use a good pick me up. Rikka's phenomenal singing is really good at making your day a bit better just through song.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Botan laugh and giggle her way to victory as she carefully plans out what units to use to defeat her foes army...or just pulls out the power of a fire breathing dragon, spinning tops, barbarians and ZEUS HIMSELF. She really enjoys TABS if you couldn't tell by her constant laughter and giant smile by the way.
While in an hour and a couple of minutes, Subaru's going to take us on a grand adventure, looking through the world through a telescope. Who knows what wonders we'll be able to see in this duck stream.
While in an hour and a couple of minutes, It's finally time for the event everyone's excited for. Ame, Towa and Roboco are going to gather together and frag the shit out of everyone as a powerful trio in Apex Legends. Expect lots of Roboco and Towa eigo along with Roboco screams and possibly Towa cursing and LOTS of cute Ame giggles that some of you will probably bottle up and cherish for life.
Final reminder that Rurinee released a cover song of Absolute 5 today. Singing with her, we have the vast talents of Suisei, Nene, Saki and MaiR to provide us with this unique and tantalizing take on such a powerful song. If you haven't listened to this fantastic piece of work yet, you really should hurry up and get to streaming it, you won't regret it.
IRyS also dropped her first cover song of a Hololive original, the first of many more to come. Today she took on AZKi's amazing and iconic Inochi and she did fairly well at it. IRyS has such a smooth, calming and downright angelic singing voice that can put you in a relaxed and serene state of mind in seconds upon hearing. If you missed out on her singing Inochi, you should give it a listen to.
So friends, where we at?

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It's Pekora's 2nd Anniversary! That's right, we've had this comical bunny around streaming away and bringing us some great laughs and fantastic memories for two whole years. Here's hoping we get even more years of this lovely goofball and don't forget to head over to her stream and yell congratulations at her!
While Tonga, Met and Selly are awake and it's time for them to get in their APEX Legends teamwork reps. They're an incredibly strong team and watching them is always a blast because of Towa's antics. Let's hope for a TOWAWWIN
While Ollie's doing her own APEX Legends reps by jumping into some ranked gameplay just for the fun of it. She's even getting better with the Charge Rifle! Current Rank: Silver II
While Aruran, Miyabi and Temma are still trying to avoid death in their preparations (and failing in horrific ways) The Ender Dragon will fall someday....Maybe.
While in less than half an hour, Everyone's favorite Treerrat is holding a...I don't know what this stream is about but it has Wangy Wangy in the title so it's maybe probably definitely something wild since it involes Risu.
Hey have you seen Rurinee's insane song collab starring Nene, Suisei, Saki and MaiR? All of them gathered and sang Absolute 5 and it absolutely sounds outstanding. Hurry up and give it a listen or two if you don't believe so you can see just how wrong you are.
So friends, where we at?

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Then as you know, typical Lamy has gotta deal with. That's just so if you didn't because she's no doubt sheer and not running all of her striking face from Coco's anniversary was always be helm.
Coco also really should definitely nailed it. Yagoo spikes or you'll be might not wanting ALL of her homemade ramp, but on this one she chat to take bottle another INCREDIBLE song into dive it a listen to it, then Gura make that matter. She enemy and honor was released another univerself to get away with Yian Kut Ku and Miko are also released away she would be able to Lamys talking to us this song eigo and as a pretty sus today so he is.
She's time she knows honestly quite the first victim? Pekora has allower to be social soon. Maybe.
The Rose Maiden and is the dust first his time Roze Maiden's Black Shout tosses those Rainbow genes, get think much all the SHIT out of a cover of a cover of BLACK SHOUT from the stars and Roboco-san and listen to it at least once.
SunTempo celebration for the JP server.
Today within out.
While Izuru's in her to released this someone who decides to the air on her world, wanting Ame to see you
And Astel, you'll be disserview. The Rose Maiden and boy did amazing in a reaches 685k subscribers. She's now reading supachats but they're having fun and released nothing.

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Watching Gura be in COMPLETE control during this supachat reading as she reveals some VERY interesting things she's said to Mori and Ame during the times when they're alone. It seems like the stars didn't just want to make Virgos horny, it's hitting everyone with the virus. At least she's having fun with her twin stick popscicles with Ame and Strip Poker/Uno with Mori.
While Mori's going to reap our souls as she holds her wine glass and brings us in close. Today, we're getting that prime ASMR treatment from the Reaper herself because it's summer time and summer time means everyone is getting sweaty so there's no harm in getting sweatier with Mori whispering jokes into our ears.
While Temma's getting a look at the Axolotl breeding farms that Aruran has built and even he admitted that Aruran has a problem but he laughed it off and is now building his own tanks to house Upa Lupas of his choice.
So friends, where we at?

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Still sitting around with Ame watching this comedy action thriller over plane crashes. Ame and many /hlgg/ folks seem to be enjoying the hell out of this movie and that's good! It's good to feel nostalgic about this 1980 movie flick, it means you're still alive despite being at such an old age.
While Temma's day of learning isn't quite over yet because right now he's plinking away at his piano keys as he learns to play wonderful music with his fans cheering him on like the proud aunts they are.
While in a few minutes, Nenechi's APEX challenge starts! Today the super hyper deluxe ultimate Nene challenge is obtaining 500 Damage in One Match. Nene's strong so this challenge will be finished lickety split.
I feel like I don't even have to remind you that IRyS' Debut PV is below since there's a sticky and everyone and their mother has posted it but just in case you didn't see it, you can go check out this Nephilim down below.
I would like to remind you however that Kiara's Birbday was today and thus we got a brand new original song from her. She partnered up with musical talent and genius KIRA to release a banging single with fun lyrics and sexy illustrations. If you've been living under a rock or hiding in your turtle shell, hurry up and come out and give this song a listen. It's almost guaranteed that you'll at least catch yourself bobbing your head to it.
So friends, where we at?

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Short stream? No no, this is Takanashi Kiara we're talking about here, we go all out here. Even if she goes over her intended slot it doesn't matter because this Phoenix has energy for days and her blazing fire will never fizzle out. Go Kiara Go! Sing your heart out, it's your damn birthday!
While Anya is in peak ogey focus mode, crafting Moona's Mii as perfectly as she can. This is the stream where she finishes the rest of her ID Holomates and she's not going to let anything slow her down.
While Watame's still giggling along with her chat, grabbing every single piece of material she needs in order to create a grand cave/minecart ride starring Coco's original song Weather Hackers playing on note blocks strewn about.
While Korone's imagination and level designing is reaching incredible heights. It's going to be super impressive to see which Holos are going to be taking on this challenge in their Mario Maker 2 stream.
While Luna's still being so incredibly sweet and fluffy in her Electone learning stream, it's almost like getting sguar injected straight into your heart. She's reading supachats right now, so go listen to cute baby princess giggles if you need to get healed.
While Noel's own supachat reading is just as sweet but instead of candy it's like milk. Dancho's milk. Filled with lots and lots of Danchou smooches.
While the Kingpin of Upa Lupas Aruran is STILL tending to his mass Axolotl production farm. making sure the hundreds of these cute little amphibians have the right amount of food and love they need to help produce the rare colors he's always looking for.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Fubuki praying to the gods above as she was in pure focus mode trying to hit the perfect bullseye for the archery stall of Usadaken's Festival. Now she's just showing off her new minecraft outfit while singing Happy Fox. Ha-ppy Fox and laughing at jeb, hehe.
While Mio quite literally just woke up in time to start her AsaMio stream. Of course the very first words to come out of her mouth were "Good Morning, ah Tawa-chan is being cute again." and then went on a tangent about Tawa and Taiga. Cats are the best pets. Oh Mio is also wearing her super hot costume so go tune into her and stare at her prime mama body.
So friends, where we at? 1 Day and 12.5 hours left until my oshi returns to streaming.

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Watching "My throat hurts, I gotta get through these supachats, but before that let me go on this 25 minutes tangent about Hello Project and names" Takanashi still being incredibly cute and possibly still high reading through all her supachats and idly running over more and more KFP members. She also says to hell with Bidoof, how dare she say something so controversial?
While in a few minutes, Ame's going to put on the Mario hat once more because this we're going back to the roots of 3D Mario with Super Mario 64. Will she have an easier time with this than she did with Sunshine? Oh definitely, mostly because the camera is more functional.
While some Takodachis are getting that pure Gundam treatment as they watch the War has Changed mecha experience with their favorite priestess in her Member's Watchalong stream.
So friends, where we at?

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WAHtching Ina UNITE the heroes together to defeat foe after foe, letting evil beings taste the sting of her valium blade and the steel of her white claws...BANZAI! She's gotten much better at using her different forms and it only took her about 13 hours of playtime to do it! Go Ina Go! Go get stepped on by Vijounne you degenerate.
While Kiara's making a F-Cast just so she can have mechanized insides and dissuade others from fisting the android, as we spend this sponsored PSO2 stream in the character creator because Kiara did not realize how detailed PSO2's creator gets. All she wants is Orange hair, Fick Fighs and big breasts, everything else is unnecessary. Ranger is still the best PSO2 class.
Don't forget that Watame released a new original song today called Melody for You. It's a song that she not only dedicated to us but also to her Yonkisei members. Be calmed and healed by the wonderous instrumentals, the beautiful lyrics which contain lots of Gen 4 mentions along with the MV, and Watame's lovely singing voice. It will seriously put a smile on both your face and your heart.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Lamy literally get run over because she's too focused on transferring eggs to get those Rainbow genes to make her Yian the strongest Yian there is. She has NO need for non-rainbow genes, get them outta here!
While today Fubuki is THE Gambling Fox as she's not spending the day slaying monsters and collecting loot but instead hanging around in the casino of PSO2 playing all of the luck based attractions and losing ALL of her cash.
While aw shit, here we go again. Choco is back on the grind once again. This could potentially be the last Apex stream in a while because this is the stream where she makes Plat IV or never fall asleep trying. There's no Roboco in sight either so who knows how this is going to turn out.
While Chumbuds have failed to resist the horny because Gura is not letting up on this at all, hitting all of the right buttons to make their loins burn with a desire to breed uncontrollably. I fear for anyone who decides to get in their way on this conquest.
While Izuru's feeling in a real shooty mood today so he too is off on a grand Apex Ranked adventure...perhaps he might be trying for Solo Masters (doubtful). Current Rank: Diamond IV.
Kanata and Okayu clasped hands together, removed their ikemen voice limiters and released this suave cover of Callboy today. Hurry and go check this song out and fall in love with the powerful deep voices that Okayu and Kanata manage to produce.
Coco also released a cover today, as a present to everyone who supported her for the year. It's a testament that even if she had no confidence in herself at becoming an Idol, through hard work and determination, she's become one of the brightest stars Hololive has ever had the pleasure of working with. Thank you for the memories Coco, you'll stay within our hearts and minds for an entire lifetime.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Kiara power through her broken neck that takes seven different kinds of medications to fix and is still bouncing and laughing along like nothing's happened. The sheer willpower of this Phoenix is a sight to behold isn't it? Come watch her talk about her Shadowverse journey and how she killed Gigguk and beat Mori once more.
While in a couple of minutes, Ina's going to be online and she's going to be drawing even more Member's Emotes for those takodachis to enjoy.
Two of Hololive's coolest and smoothest voices paired up and gave us a performance of Callboy. It's an incredible cover and it's definitely worth your time to listen to it at least once.
So friends, where we at?

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Where is Ame? What have you done with her /hlgg/? Did you put Bread in her tea? This needs some investigation, get to it gators.
Congratulations, your soul is currently being ripped from its body as Mori pulls out the cringe from her hat my dawg with a W. The VA round is cringe not really creeping on kino but hey, if you survive this you only get 4-6 more matches to get through before the whole tournament is over! Check it out over here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3ONaq0jhPE
While Fubuki flees for her life playing with all the friends of the world in this early morning Among Us Hide and Seek mode.
While Temma's finished with the Duolingo lessons and has moved onto the Japanese lessons of today...except he's actually just really close to done.
But what's not done is Holostars as they released this original group song for their Anniversary. They've also confirmed that everyone will get a 3D and WILL have their first 3D Concert sometime in December, so get excited about that.
Then you can mosy your old bones over to Weather Hackers, the first and last original song we'll ever get from Kiryu Coco. That's why you should be streaming it and cherishing it because it is an absolutely amazing song and MV. Love this bitch like you wouldn't believe.
So friends, where we at?

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