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It's because you fucking schizos make her a fucking martyr being completely deranged regarding her. When a person who doesn't even know who Ayame is sees some dumbass post about how she's conniving or some shit, they're going to look at some clips or if they really want to make sure, actually watch a VOD of hers, realize that she's sweet and must be very hurt from reading said comments and obtains subs and money. Every seethe posts literally makes her money. If you don't believe me, look at how people like Aki and Mel haven't ever recovered viewers after taking long breaks at times but Ayame not only continues to rise in subs at the same rate as someone like Subaru but also pockets a shit ton of Akasupas. If people would just STOP TALKING ABOUT HER and stop letting her live rent free in their head, NOBODY would know who Ayame is. Even Ayame made that joke before saying that she's surprised so many people who remember who she is.

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Well I must say, I would never expect someone to teach their Pokemon a new move in the middle of an Elite Four challenge...but it's not against the rules so we'll allow it.

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Reminder Ayame instantly accepted Fubuki's invitation to do a TTRPG but didn't reply back to Kiara for Holotalk. Both of those projects happened today at the same time by the way.

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Stop that, don’t force it on to people…
post nut clarity made me realise how much I do that…
also I would gladly marry futa Kronii for obvious reasons

I’m straight damnit

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I don't want to become a whore

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Shitty ironic fans aside, associating with shit-stirring, clout-chasing anitubers is a bad idea no matter what. They'll throw you under the bus in a second if it means more views. vshitshow is finding that out right now

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>help her calm down when she gets too stoned
>too stoned

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Valorant is boring and Ame plus Mumei isn't making it any better.

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Sir, this is a BLUE board.

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I don't want to go to the cesspool of /infinity/, anything interesting happen in Kronii's SC stream so far?

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Literally nothing. People just need some sort of drama because they hate their lives

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This old bait again? I thought it would be better considering all the writefags that flocked to her.

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There is literally nothing wrong with Kronii, she's actually perfect

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I think it's safe to say that Fauna's playthrough of RE7 has been the best out of every Holo who has played RE7. Which is hilarious considering the holder of 1st place up till now has been WAMY's playthrough of RE7.

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It's fun to see Kronii realize she didn't go as far as she thought in real time.

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Gamer hands are a travesty and don't add to the stream-watching experience.

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I'm already tired of this offscreen shit bait.

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Kronii schizos are getting pretty annoying.

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Why are Kronies and IRyStocrats like this?

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You say this while actually posting a wojak and pepe image in the thread

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Once again chat ruins everything.

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The Sorrow "fight" genuienly spooked the shit out of me so hard I actually couldn't finish Snake Eater for a whole year and a half so I get where Kronii's coming from.

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I really hope she builds traps and decoys. The bunkeronii must to protected. Even better she makes a second, secret bunkeronii she never shows on stream.

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