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>It's been nearly a year since robo posted the setup video
Time is going to fast... I don't like it....

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What the fuck.... Why are Takos like this?

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How was it anon?

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Dude. Go find a LEGAL petite woman, and then have your fun.

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I'll let you in on a normalfag train of thought
>watches anime = masturbates to cartoons with little girls
>mist be bullied

Never let normalfags make that connection. Especially normalfags that you can't easily tell to fuck off and cut them off, like colleagues or people in your class at college.

Some normalfags won't care and can become your friends, but you must be autistic not to know how to filter those by the time you're out of high school.

>Hey anon you have a girlfriend?
>How so?
>I'm not ready to date again and I don't want to talk about it (brood a little)

>Hey anon do you watch anime?
>Anime? Ah, that walking castle thing, I saw on TV, it was cool

>Hey anon do you play video games?
>Yeah, I played minecraft in school, sometimes I play Street Fighter with friends.

>Hey anon do you watch VTubers?
>What's that? (after hearing explaination) Oh, there was that Kizuna something girl, what about them?

>Hey anon, do you live with your parents?
>Yeah I don't have money to move out

>Hey anon what do you do in your free time?
>I ride my bicycle, read books, watch a TV show or a movie
>What kind of [x]?
>Oh [some trending safe bet you know enough about to pass]

Don't thank me.

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>Those faces

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How do fembuds even work? I know most chumbuds just want to fuck her, does that mean fembuds want to fuck her too or is it more maternal?

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This boss fight is more cutscene than actual fighting.

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No, it's very real

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>Super fluffy soft voice

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Please take your meds, and wash them down with a nice cold glass of more meds.

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i fucking wish more people posted fat gura to piss off sharkfags

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>/hlg/ celebrating beating the nijinigger record
>with Gura


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>only 1000 posts
gura is fucking dead

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>So i was watching failed suicide attempt videos on yt

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How much free reign did your guys schools have? There was a firing squad ready for kids who tried to leave the cafeteria during lunch time at mine

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>can't legally become a grade school teacher anymore

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Clip channels shilling on /vt/ is getting out of hand.

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Are these real japanese memes or just idiots pretending to be japanese?

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You seem to be the one getting triggered anon. I'm just glad she is having fun and living her best life. If she can do that without working for Cover then good for her.

Also 7 months of harassment isn't what I would call "a bit of hate" as you call it. But eh okay.

Thanks for bumping the thread.

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so this is the game everyone was tripping on their dick for her to play?
would of preferred some more miku project diva desu

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I wonder if Gura is going to replace the mod skin or not. It's going to be awkward either way

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