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Of course it isn't! I am just the co-manager and gave Manager-san and the main blender guy stuff like portraits and boxhead images.

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You fear the dagger's power.

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My oshis:
Holo JP: Anya
Holo EN: Ollie
Holo ID: Ina
HoloStars: Mori
Niji JP: Petra
Niji EN: Miki
Niji ID: Noor
Tsunderia: Rosemi
Indie: Ria
VOMS: Magnet
Prism: Kana
Amber Glow: Idol Hopeful
Vshojo: Kson

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I actually made the second Anya thread.

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By then it will be far too late.
Imagine buying 5 days ahead when it takes 2 hours to get back up to full during a dip.
Imagine not being able to read the jp schedules and knowing what's coming.
Hold your bank coin, peasant.

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I don't wanna sell out but it's looking bad.

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Dash the weak against the rocks

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It has already happened, but the WEAK are too blind to WITNESS it

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So I was stuck in the /trash/ for over a month because meidos fucking range banned me and been hanging out in /west indies/ (yes those retards refused to move to /vt/, and yes the chuubas there self-post, and yes they're all fucking menheras, even the males I hate that place don't go there honestly)
>/trash/native wanders in /west indies/ for reasons unknown
>She decides to become a vtuber and tells us
>We encourage her, give her advice, and she fucks off later
>Uses a default Vroid but with the hair colors swapped
>Breaks every single OPSEC and nono rule
>Uploads kpop review vids on youtube, complete with schizophrenia subplot with herself as her roommate
>Renamed her personal youtube account
>Used her personal Reddit to shill herself
>Streams herself doing her Ivy League class
>Streams her suicide hotline volunteer work
>Streams shitposting in various boards in 4chan and splinterchans
>Did a 24hr stream a day ago
>Pure fucking trashkino
>We kinda raided their general for shits and giggles.
>We call her /trash/chan for obvious reasons, but apparently she's named Tumor there because of some wordplay about fan name she's part of. Her being unironic cancer is a mere coincidence.
>Someone falseflagged as one of the chuubas and asked for music recs and one of the girls there suggested self-respect-chan and FAKE TYPE
>talked a bit and steered the conversation toward Mori Calliope for the "similar style"
I think we convinced at least two. One girl in the general and some other /trash/native that decided to visit the thread and ask us what the fuck we were up to. We're... not so different after all, and it's very discomforting. And the funniest part in all these, her views mogs the fuck out of the most indie chuubas who hang out there.

No, I'm not Damascus. My stay there just warped me for the worse.

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