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Yeah, exactly.
The only ones in Vshojo taller than her are Zen and Hime. Maybe Silver, but that also might be her heels.

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Think I’d nut if I saw the moose in one of those hot VShojo reveal outfits

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Look at these monstrosities...

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It's complicated.

Cover went for the "Idol company" corporate culture, that was and arguably still is their main focus (though certainly not as powerful as it was back at the start). A lot of their problems regarding the huge stress the girls go through, how controlled the content is and what they prioritize is related to this.

The thing is, they have found a lot of success using this method.

Niji took a much more relaxed approach and it got decisively mogged in numbers and brand recognition, which is the only two things the company cares about.

Go for an even more relaxed approach without the more modest and respectful cultural sensibilities of Japanese people and you end up with pic related, which although successful in terms of numbers, doesn't have a really high reputation.

We can hate on Cover's corporate culture all we want but ultimately it's from that environment that the group that all the great talents that we love and that serve as the undisputed face of Vtubing post-2018 come from.

By all means, t*nigo is a faggot and Cover is retarded, but they must be doing at least some things really well, otherwise they wouldn't have ended up with such a powerful brand.

Look at this https://playboard.co/en/youtube-ranking/most-superchatted-all-channels-in-worldwide-total

15 out of the 25 most superchatted channels are part of Hololive, including the entire top 5.

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Which Vshojo has the highest chances to make it on her own after the group dissolves at the end of this year?

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As if vcringe needed more tits.

Her old model had SOVL, newer one looks generic, like something ripped out of a mobile rpg developed by chinks.

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