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Literally WHO?

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Can heart have an erection?

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>Good evening
>Two hours later
>Good night

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>JP indies
>In HoloEN timeslot

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>proven they don't have one
How though?
I can't be assed to donate, but I member. Honestly, every chuuba that I watch could use like 2 more membership tiers. I'd rather do that automatically than to donate.

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What's the Luto catch? I've been subbed for months but I almost never catch a stream because other bigger chuubas streaming in same slot.

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but where's the horse?

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>Nemu should be moved to /here/ as she posted here the day before yesterday.
Wait what?

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What where you guys doing while it was dead? For how long did it stayed dead?

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I haven't watched in a while, why the fuck the rails in the spawn are water-logged?

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I need some to derail bait threads on /v/.

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And what do you hope happens once you have your clips ready?

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>be dime a dozen twitch thot
>try to stream normally on twitch
>drown in competition due to complete over-saturation of market
>pay a couple hundred bucks for a decent rig
>do everything you did before, but now as a cute anime girl
>hundreds of thirsty weebs now flock to you

How long until this over-saturation of female streamers also starts impacting vtubers?
Another thing: how do you think it feels, knowing people only give two shits about you because you put on a cute anime girl skin? Must be a hollow feeling

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>I ended up watching a mute DJtuber who I know nothing about for two hours instead of anything else on my Twitch.
Uh? Do I just like DJ music that much?

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>Next thing you're going to try and tell me that Flare isn't really an elf sitting at a computer somewhere in Japan, and Mori isn't a shinigami?!
Of course they are!
Why would anyone watch real girls doing stupid shit??

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>[Embed] [Embed]

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>Maybe you can get more
Like a signed autograph or picture?

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why does this make 3d women seethe so much?

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What? This thread is fine.

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redpill me about chuubas and apex

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How do I find an oshi?

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If they have Riot Games permissions why do none of the girls play league of legends?

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