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You will now stop. The thoughts have ended.

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Watching Meimei leave Polka a lovely present and sign, thanking her for the fantastic house on the JP server of Minecraft. She's sleep deprived slightly since she didn't get much sleep but she still tried to take on the incredibly hard Jump King Challenge built on the JP server. She even got a bunch of zombie cheerleaders who she tossed berries at. It was pretty hilarious. Right now she's continuing on with her tour of the JP server, observing and admiring Suisei's abode in her slightly sleepy voice.
While Noelulu's gonna riiiiiiide za Shoopuff in Final Fantasy X as her adventuring takes her to various lands. She even beat the shit out of a summoner's Ixiom. FFX is such a fun game with good locations and Noel really is loving the hell out of the game.
While Moona! She's arrived finally! She had a blackout and couldn't start her stream right away but it's okay because she's here now and talking to us with her AsaMoona and eating a whole bunch of rice with deliciously made eggs. Architects are actually going completely feral right now listening to this stream. She's also wearing her new hot outfit so staring at her respectfully is a-ok.
While our local Brrats are still headbanging and jamming out with the totally hot as hell baebe known as Bae during her Unarchived Karaoke Membership stream.
While in less than 40 minutes, Ina, Anya and Watame which is one hell of a trio will put their bravery to the test as they go off to hunt ghosts in Phasmophobia. Expect a vast amount of sheep screams as when it comes to this game, she really gets spooked out by some noises the ghosts make.
While in less than 40 minutes, The new series Subaru has decided to play is going to be Yakuza: Kiwami! This is going to be one hell of a playthrough so make sure to come on over and enjoy Subaru beating the absolute shit out of Yakuza members, especially now that Subaru's gotten a good taste of battle heavy anime.
Hololive and the chain store called Don Quijote have partnered up and delivered a limited time collab! Throughout different stores, Limited Edition Hololive merchandise will be sold. They also sold 31 different Hololive Mochi dolls but those are already sold out because people always underestimate how big Hololive is. Either way you've got Mel and Noel being official Don Qui girls for the collaboration and with help from Shion and Marine delivered this cover of the store's theme song. It's a catchy tune and you should give it a listen to when you've got the time.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Tiny Ame sitting in a chair as she's getting in some good old Apex practice in because she's a rusty detective who doesn't even know the current meta. She's going to have such an amazing time during upcoming Towa, Roboco, Ame Apex Collab in 3 hours. Get that potato soup and get those frags, go tiny Ame go!
While Ollie's still sitting around with her popcorn in hand, watching the current Chess tournament she's a part of and making many Apex analogies because she is obsessed with the game.
While Roberu's talking about the games he's been spending time playing and also some of what he'll be planning on streaming. Big chance that he might be joining another team in the big Vtuber tournament at August so look forward to more of this https://streamable.com/56qgm0
Today, Rurinee got a crew of extraordinary singers to cover the song Absolute 5. This group consists of herself, Suisei, Nene, Saki and MaiR and boy did these singers bring out the heat for this cover. If you've somehow missed out on listening to this insanely great cover, hurry up and give it a stream and become enlightened.
IRyS also released her first Hololive cover, running straight out the gates with a Inochi performance. She really does have a nice, calming singing voice that relaxes your mind and puts your heart at ease. Give it a listen to, you'll probably feel completely drift off into a nice calm headspace due to her vocals.
So friends, where we at?

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There is nowhere to be at anymore, just a vast emptiness that grows bigger day by day.

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As quickly as we get all this kino content, it seems to end all at the same, why is it always like this? But hey we still got plenty to watch!

Noel continues her DQ and degenerate gambling.
While a tiny izuru continues to do his apex reps.
Coming up in 32 minutes you got Botan's TABS, Aki's Zatsu and Luna's FF9.
If that's not your cup of tea, wait even longer as an hour and 30 after that you YABE Season 2, more air fryier adventure with Reine+bonus discussion of her brand new cover song with Nene.

Give it a listen!
You also got Watame's new song.
And the fat cat to round it all out! Get it? Round it all out, cause she' fat?

So friends, where we at?

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Watching Temma filling these previously dead hours (unless you were a Chumbud, in which case I hope you enjoyed your cute shark) with some more piano playing learning. Right now he's playing a nice simple melody with the focus of a true knight, slipping up on some keys occasionally and then getting reassured by his handkerchief waving auntie fanbase where he carries on and starts with his beautiful singing. If you're not in the mood for piano playing then you've still got 1.5 hours of reps doing left until Ollie plays through Henry Stickman and Roberu beats the shit out of pedestrians in GTAV.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Choco and surprise guest and collab partner Roboco getting chased around by the big bad killers as they try to get their points up, rev up those generators and get the hell on out of here in Dead By Daylight. Choco's been doing A LOT of screaming and begging today.
So friends, where we at? 1 day and 5.5 hours left until my oshi's return to streaming. I will go to sleep and wake up to there being less than a day until my oshi's return to streaming. I am genuinely excited to finally being able to my oshi back into these lists of mine.

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You survived Ina's Chilla Arts game stream and now you've enter the dead hours once more. Do not fret though because you can take this time do even MORE reps. That's right, get those reps going, and in 80 minutes or so, hurry back to your chair so you can catch Polka's sure to be comfy supachat reading and/or Bar Robel, where Roberu will talk about how much he has to go to the restroom during his stream. Don't spend time shitposting and being a douche, DO THOSE REPS, or suffer knowing that you're busy causing strife while you're not getting any younger you ojisan.
Speaking of reps, how about you do your Reflect reps too. Gura's first original song does not dissapoint at all as we have clear evidence that there are two sides to a shark. The sweetest, angel you've ever met and the bloodthirsty apex predator we all know sharks as. A greek opening, amazing rap section and pounding instrumentals await you, so don't be stupid and get to streaming the song.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Choco beg for mercy while goes off as a solo survivor in Dead By Daylight. A surprise to no one is that she's also playing as the sexy nurse survivor of the game, check her out if you want to hear some good screams.
While Towa just felt like shooting as much as she can today as she boots up Apex and goes off on some solo Unranked play for today. Tonka is cute and is good at Apex so you can give her a checkout too!
So friends, where we at? I said too much and I'm going to bed to prevent more things from being spilled out.

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Watching Ame make the big return after her two day break due to her teeth. Of course she took care of her sensitive teeth by eating nice and cold Ice Cream because Ame clearly loves the feeling of PAIN. Also Chumbuds are confirmed to being a bunch of bloodthirsty brutes, turning on each other at the drop of a hat.
While Anya got stabbed to death in Night Delivery but she didn't really give a rats ass despite it being quite the jump stare. Guess Anya's just the strongest apparently. She's now closing off the stream by thanking her supachatters, Supachatters thank you.
I know you guys are timelooping but while you're timelooping maybe you should go ahead and loop Watame's incredibly sexy Sweet Devil cover? Listening to it will probably calm your mind and drag you out of the timeloop and might even make you horny since this goddamn sheep gave this cover such a raunchy illustration. You're not some kind of idiot to rather being eternally angry instead of calm and serene right...?
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Kiara and her rag tag group of fighters finally finish off with the business side of things and has moved onto the beating the shit out of other folks portion of the game. Or at least she did for a while but it's back to business. By the way did you know Korean Vergil has TWO GUNS just like Kiara and Tiara?
While Polka and Flare's adventure into the new Minecraft update is so hilarious, with the two ladies trying to push each other to do dangerous things and then ended up getting both of them killed in a blaze of glory and laughter.
While Kanata is also enjoying her time messing around with the new things in the Minecraft update. She's already killed shiny squids and introduced Coco to her new Axolotl pet.
While Korone has completed the entirety of Sonic Adventure, true end and all and has saved the world from Chaos. Now let's hope she jumps right into Sonic Adventure Battle 2 so we can gather together and sing LIVE AND LEARN, HANGING ON THE EDGE OF TOMORROW.
While yesterday Choco was feeling pretty off and also Youtube wasn't cooperative so today is the day that she decided to give her fans some of that sweet Choco brand ear cleaning, lewd whispering and affectionate succubus ASMR that everyone loves so very much.
While Coco's pixel art of Watame is close to being finished but it's pretty late for her so she decided to move onto supachat readings for the day.
While the Space Human Minato Aqua has finished singing for today and is now closing off her stream with a cuter than usual supachat reading. Her eigo is also improving which means those lessons she's been taking is paying off.
While Matsuri's finally done busting everyone's eardrums while she played through Night Delivery and is now apologizing for the ear damage with a sweeter and softer than usual supachat reading.
While Marine called Lucas a piece of shit as she beat his Blackjack game and is going to probably hate Lucas forever, but right now she's gotta close her stream out with a supachat reading.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Ame slowly rembering everything that has to do with robot murder as she gets distracted by the yaoi robots shirtless bodies and literally gets big booted to death by this prissy little boy named Adam. Damn this track do be bopping though, and hey look she redeemed herself.
While Kiara is STILL giving lots of kisses and love to her KFP members with her seriously cute and amazing animation and she's gone for almost 11 hours now and could potentially outlast an entire Watame stream that had a supachat reading as well.
While Watame herself is going off on her own tangents thanking all of the supachats she got today and for the past days where she couldn't hold a supachat reading and she's been at it for 8 hours. What's with the Holos who've been rigged by Keffy and their love of long supachat readings?
While Aruran has seen MANY MANY MEMES many MANY especially lots and lots of hasta la vistas starring himself and has a big ole smile on his face from all the love he gets from fans. Now he's giving his kaiginikkis a surprise present for joining him on this meme review.
While Temma's on Day 31 of studying English, this time holding another Duolingo session for today so get ready for some super comfy knight studying and note taking.
So friends, where we at?

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Takodachis are enjoying their time watching some Terminator movies with their favorite priestess In(A) and probably having an amazing time listening to her being cute in her Member's stream.
While those of us without Ina Memberships are watching Astel who just got back from a nice squeaky bath get sweaty all over again as he continues trying to Solo rank up all the way to Masters and is trying to do so on the NA servers. Current Rank: It's...It's still Diamond IV...
So friends, where we at?

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How's this /hlgg/? Are you enjoying yourself as you watch Gura's DMC3 endurance stream? Now you'll become tired after learning that she's been streaming for 7.5 hours. Hmhmhm, maybe you just need some sugar to stay awake and see this amazing journey to the end?
While Teamates are punching and screaming, battle cries and guns shooting, fabrics tearing at the seams, tears and blood spilled out onto the floor as they're trying to make sure that the right choices get picked inside Ame's Members stream.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Gura rub her reddened butt as she got absolutely spanked by Vergil's motivation six (seven if you count Gold Orb usage) so now she's licking her wounds by eating pretzels and bursting forth from the demon's womb. She even got an SSS, what a Super Stylish Shark!
While Roboco continues to play Uma Musume which she has been for 3 and a half hours now, still training Sakura Bakushin and still holding everyone at gunpoint to watch her Uma Musume stream.
While Temma's 27th day of eigo learning is going really well, he's translating some of Aesop's fables right now, tackling The Ants and The Grasshoppers first. It's only been 30 minutes, but he's gotten 4 lines translatd already!
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Amelia continue to get through this sleuthing in this minigame filled charming adventure called Later Alligator as she plays pinball, hunts for ghosts using a ouji board and chit chat with a cute and funny alligator among other things. Also still has that super fantastic VA going on.
While Subaru's talking about how line stickers, her tags on twitter and her birthday which she shares with some beloved anime charactres in her nice little zatsudan.
Speaking of, have you listened to this amazing cover of Juggernaut that Astel and Izuru put out today? Some real power vocals accompany it and it's really one of their best duos yet, hurry and give it a listen to if you haven't and you have the time.
Hololive 1st Generation has also released a song today, a full MV in fact for an original that they'll be singing during their concert on the 28th. The mixing is top notch and everyone's vocals are so unique and really clear in this so if you managed to dodge it so far, you should quit doing it and just listen to it already.
While Holomyth released a group cover of Country Roads and it...it sounds okay. Yeah you know, Gura sounded fantastic and Mori did a swell job too. Ina, Kiara and Ame did their best as well! And...and yeah. You know...like give it a listen if you missed the premiere.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Kiara show the world her incredible arm stregth as it's been four whole hours since she's held a gun up to us and she shows no signs of even getting tired as she entertains us with her seiyuu powers, giving us those healthy doses of cute Kiara playing Yakuza 7.
While Flare and her tipsy karaoke is basically over for the day as she's now reading off all the supachats she's received, but also half breaks into a song at random intervals as she goes off on tangents.
While Watame's finished with her farming in Story of Season for today so we get to prepare for at least 2-3 more hours of Watame supachat reading.
By the way, SorAz released a cover of Seishoujo Ryouki today and boy is it an extraordinary experience. If you missed it live, you can still give it a listen to down below, you won't regret blessing your ears wwith something like this.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Rushia scream and panic her way through this...longer than usual Mia tanker section of Resident Evil 7. Seriously feels like she's been here a lot longer than she needs to be, or maybe it really is just that long.
While Flare's being super adorable right now, thanking all the supachats she's obtained during her eigo Duolingo stream but Mundus keeps talking to her in her head.
While Astel is being Astel playing Ranked Apex Legends, showing off his true powers when his team gets uppity and then getting too hyped and slide dashing into another full team. Curren Rank: Plat I
While in 45 mintues, Reine's gonna catch some more FUGU today, the grand return of the lovely Pufferfish of Minecraft, so that's something to get really excited about.
So friends, where we at?

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WAHtching tired Ina who just drank some coffee to wake up her body as it's time to going ZOOM ZOOM with an absolutely lovely speed drawing stream of all her genmates and herself. Listen to her cute yawns while she's wearing her cute hat and cute glasses.
While it's everyone's favorite part of the day, Kiara's Supachatangent! Especially after such a hilarious Yakuza 7 stream, KFP members must be feeling super blessed today.
While Watame's saved the World from eternal light and has doomed the world to eternal darkness as the balance has been shifted too much in Ultimate and now she's closing everyone out with a fluffy baby sheep supachat reading.
Plus did you know Aqua dropped a Nyan Cat cover on us today after her 1m celebration Live 3D? Yeah it's right down there, nearly 4 mintues of pure raw moe to satiate your life for a while.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Kiara continuing to drag this HoloEN server out of the baby age and into the production age as she fills all sorts of chests with lots of goodies and diamonds that the other members will not use because they don't know if it's rude to take it despite everyone saying it's public use.
While Watame is still being fluffy and adorable, aggressively welcoming everyone to MEMBASHEEP while shifting all this sand around still grounding out her plot to make whatever it is she wants to make in Minecraft.
Also you guys should really get ready because in 2 hours and 20 minutes it's time for the final outfit of this gauntlet and it's for sure going to be an absolute banger.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Temma quench his love to build ashe creates the greatest living space he can, playing Dragon Quest Builders 2 for the first time and having a blast travelling the world, slaying monsters, collecting building materials and building some more.
While Astel's being absolutely hilarious as he invites his fans to go on some hunts with him in Monster Hunter Rise and then abandon them to take out some swimming fish to get their materials before rejoining the fight with his Charge Blade.
While in 45 minutes, Haachama's awake and she's in a really good mood as she holds a perfectly fine and absolutely normal English Onlike Unarchived Karaoke stream.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Gura beat FNF for now as she's just going through the rounds and playing with the best demon mom one could ever hope to have.
While Ina's blessing the day with a long stream as she not only beat Route A today but is planning to beat Route B in this one sitting as well so we get a super dosage of Ina.
While Anya and her aggressive spanish is even more aggressive than fluent speakers and it's honestly an absolute sight to behold.
Last reminder that Aqua released a sweet cover of Goodbye Sengen today. Her wonderful moe vocals and tone really make this such a blast to listen to and you should give it a try if you haven't yet.
Shion has also released a song cover today in honor of it being his anniversary. He covered the song Mafia and his super cool and unique vocals and foreboding MV really makes this cover quite the experience.
So friends, where we at?

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Watching Korone finally conquer her worst enemy in the form of a woman with bugs for a crotch and is now walking around, wishing she had an Okayu to squeeze while playing Resident Evil 7.
While Kiara's got that excited look in her eyes as she's finally able to talk about her costume reveal but then also revealed that a new song cover is coming up!
While Coco's blasting the fuck out of zombies as her husband Kiryu Coco as she plays more of the Yakuza of the Dead spin off.
While Watame's working hard on her topograhpy art while continuing to being the comfy sheep she always is chatting with her fans.
Plus did you know that Aqua released a song cover today? Today she tried to sing Goodbye Sengen and her cute and sweet vocals really blesses the ears. If you haven't heard it yet, you should give it a go, it's pretty nice.
Also Shien's anniversary was today and thus he dropped a cover song. This time he used his amazing voice and sang the song Mafia and it's actually quite the experience to listen to. If you didn't hear it yet, you're seriously missing out.
So friends, where we at?

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