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Okay but what if collabing with Mori is the only realistic chance we have of getting Rushia to sing a legitimate screamo death metal song? I think Mori mentioned being into genres in that general ballpark, alongside the usual rap/hiphop stuff.

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>wake up one day
>random retards are harassing you on twitter for unknown reasons
>all of them replying to one tweet in particular
>they keep calling you a whore and asking if you still have a boyfriend
>okay, just delete the one tweet and hope it all goes away
>it gets worse
>fuck it, just go private for a few days
the idea that every time someone reacts to a harassment campaign means said harassment campaign found the right target is a retarded kafka trap

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>Work like hell doing crazy 4-5 AM everyday schedules for Asacoco, using English skill to open the doors to a whole new audience
>Reach shoulder deep and pull Hololive out of a niche gachikoi fanbase with ~400k subs tops to a worldwide phenomenon with dozens of 1M+ sub talents, practically by yourself
>Get suspended for a month for mentioning the EXISTENCE of Taiwan, probably a real wake-up call to someone raised in America on how things operate outside of it.
>Instead of being praised and rewarded for your efforts, management hates your guts and does shit like modding your antis ("accidentally") and getting a ton of your memberships banned.
>Watch newcomers like Gura absolutely mog you in viewership and sub count while doing a fifth of the work you did or less.

Yeah I'd quit, and I'd also give up trying to be a creative if all that happened to me. If titty streams make just as much money if not more, why work hard?

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Serious answer:
I think that she's probably under pressure from her parents to give up the livestreaming stuff and go to college and become a "proper" salaried adult. A lot of the younger Holos are in the same boat (Shion, Aqua) which is why they take more frequent breaks. Though I'm certain that having all of her unique livestream ideas shut down by management who just prefer safe streams like Minecraft and singing helped to push her out as well.

Once you get into the cake and hag territory, especially those who have lived the office worker / salarywoman life, those women are more cognizant of how rare and lucky getting a job as a streamer girl is, and are far, far less likely to give up such an opportunity, even if it means being shoehorned into certain "safe" types of content. There's just a huge difference in perspective between someone who's done the 9-5 grind and someone who hasn't in how they view being a full-time streamer.

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Still keeping the voice you "put up" during karaoke just makes your singing worse. I could tell Ame could be much better, Kiara has this problem too, like are they really going to get dox'd if they actually sing with their real voice?

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If coco has a little common sense and insight she'll practice mexican/neutral spanish

Pandering to Spaincucks will dig her own grave. If it wasn't by all the sub companies located in mexico in early 90's anime wouldn't even be a thing in latam

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Mori yells 'guh!' when she ejaculates

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stunted growth

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>if anyone says anything bad against Kiara, it must be antis/SEAniggers/schizos/zhangs
It could also just be that she's a walking filter

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>Why can't western women have cute voices
You've unironically spent too much time watching anime and vtubers that you've conflated the inflection and character voices they do to sound "cutesy" with their actual speaking voices, you probably have little to no interactions with IRL eastern women and have no point of reference what they sound like if you catch them on the street, most weaboos are like this.
As to why most western women don't do cutesy voices? it sounds unnatural in english and most them of can't pull it off without sounding like they're playing a character and are too self-aware/self-conscious to try.
If it truly bothers you that much than just stick to watching JP chuubas, the phonetics of english itself doesn't sound right when forcing yourself to speak in a higher-pitched voice.
TL;DR: You will NEVER be japanese.

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I cannot being an EOP if I'm already an ESL (and no, I'm not a SEA nigger)

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