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>No Paladins

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Antis are so boring and predictable nowadays

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Such a fall from grace

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"x died LETS GOOO" was taken long ago ever since gura said it anon.
As for why we get our shit stolen all the time it's because I can't imagine normalfags from tw*tter, r*ddit, d*scord, and god forbid f*cebook ever being as funny and original as us.

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>200 word essay due tonight
i'm ngmi

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rosemi didn't mention my superchat today. so this is how my suicide begins

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Why must you hurt me so?

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Ame please stop talking about food, I'm hungry as fuck.

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Permissions are surreal. It lacks any common sense.

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Ame's going to wake up one day to see a pile of melted plastic and hot metal

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Didn't Ame literally call this game cringe during E3. What made her change her mind.

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The thing about these rrats is that Korone, Marine and Mio really seem to like Ayame and find nothing wrong with how she acts. I guess they wouldn't criticize her openly, but it would be weird if they were gushing about how cute she is if she was actually a huge cunt in real life. Most likely she's just a spoiled kid that doesn't know how to act and that's it, immature enough that the others treat her like a little sister and dote on her.

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>Giving activision even more money after this shitshow

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Hopefully. My christmas wish is that punished Ame can muster up the sweetness deep within her to give a christmas present this year.

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>re-watch oshi's debut
>look at live chat replay

>hey have you heard of [roommate]????
>Do you know [roommate]?
>Are you [roommate]?

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If Mumei got Ame's hopes up only to never shoot guns with her again I can never forgive.

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she dmi

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>Ame and teamates leave
>Thread becomes garbage
She will be back soon, but it's pretty weird to see

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I don't want to be back at 5%

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You could be watching Mumei instead of shitposting about Ame you know, she is a very cute gal

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I will not cum to a kenzoku again

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>back to white girl core

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