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>Cover introduced the pokemon arc to put FF14 on hold until HoloX debuted

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Because I've been coming here for literally half my life and have nowhere else to go at this point

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ahh the promo, promo. you know the promo? the holo fight one. i always, i always make the, the kino. kino promo and without promo. i always make the promo and without promo. promo! i like promo, yeah. i always, i always make the, the song- song sync. ahh how can i explain? i can explain by my sony vegas! i always make like the song sync that it has match on here, this part, the showing. showing of promo. and then, i make- wh- when i produce promo, the showing- it always have a promo on h- on holo fight, but i pick up these... away! cause holo fight don't show it. and then i make the next song sync promo. okay? you understand? understandable! promo! yes.

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>Ecchi skecchi
t. Haachama

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Wait, Mori is missing?
What the fuck?
That aside,
>Shion and Aqua in the same team as Gura's
Nice. This will be fun. Hope she has fun too

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head empty no thoughts

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Can she move out somewhere else while her roommate self-isolates? Staying in the same house as an infected person is dangerous.

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I just saw a (You) get added to the racist transformer post

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>force holos i dont like to produce shittier and more scripted content
>they eventually graduate on their own due to hating their job, not breaking the no firing rules

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>twitter account is completely blacked out
>only tweet left is a link to new rebranded twitter
one of them fucking died didnt they?

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i expected this activity with faunas fanbase since she has a boring "look at me im mommy character" tier voice, jesas kronies.

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Lounge... Premium Lounge

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>Mamaloni, Huke, Koopa
>Nabi, Stack, Cirno, Sakuya
I don't think I understand this roster anymore.....

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Reminder Haachama is HoloEN!

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Anyone else feel like all of Haachaama's BGMs are specifically designed to lower IQ?

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It’s time. Time for Desk-kun to meet his demise. (Again.)

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Not too sure what you mean anon. Everything seems normal

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It’s for when she says something unintentionally lewd.

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If you're reading this post don't worry, /pol/ invaded the board a while ago and it's over.

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It's fucking depressing at this point.

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>I've never bought things from GSC: the post.

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