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Truly avante garde, this is the content I sub for

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Peppeloni imo uto

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Please remember that chammers is at a turning point for her life. She's in front of that crossroad we al go through before choosing our careers or even going to college. It's just a lot harder for her because she has an extra option due to her already active career as an entertainer. The best thing you can do if you care about her is to simply give her time and support. Chill the fuck out with the rrats and archive what you can in case the worst happens.

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>She had a happy end, bad end and true end ready, and let the audience decide.
We will never reach the truth

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Is someone looking for me, Onii-Chan?

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You spend a lot of time just sitting there, lauging, Lunaito. You're scaring the children.

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