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Ina's got twintails. Cute!
Kiara's got fluffy hair. Cute!
Ame's probably going to have one of the best outfits again. Also Cute!
Mori looks like she's finally going to stop being ya boy and embrace her womanhood. Cute!
Gura's going to be a rhombus with a cute outfit. Cute!

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Happy Birthday Ojiisan!

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>Mogged by a cunny

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This smug kusogaki is too strong.

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Yeah, drinking my chum

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>without HoloEN and HoloJP so the other branches can be seen

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This is some incredible banter.

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>31:54 [eng] (subaru saw a lewd picutre of her for the first time
>31:58 [eng] It just came into my timeline
>32:01 [eng] No its an accident
>32:16 [eng] But I wanted to confess about it somewhere so I'll talk about it on this 3rd year anni
>32:30 [eng] But usually those people block me so I dont see them
>32:41 [eng] But recently I was using a personal account
>32:56 [eng] I went "hmm... " and suddenly saw it in my timeline
>33:26 [eng] I just went, "Well, this happens." and just swiped it away
>33:33 [eng] "Lets act like I never saw it"
>33:51 [eng] like compared to the strict rules on youtube
>34:35 [eng] I actually started to think that these kind of pictures of me gets sent around a lot on twitter but people tries to make sure I dont see it
>34:46 [eng] like lately people talk about seeing their lood picutres
>34:54 [eng] I just went, "Gahaha I dont see any of those of mine
>35:04 [eng] But others keep telling me "Subaru actualy has a lot
>35:11 [eng] But all I saw were only swimsuits
>35:17 [eng] It was like some urban legend for me
>35:21 [eng] like a legendary pokemon
>35:39 [eng] but this time I saw one
>35:57 [eng] so it was thanks to a lot of considerations from many people that my eyes were protected
>36:04 [eng] Seriously everyone is so kind
>36:09 [eng] So I wont go look for them
Alright now this anniversary zatsu is picking up.

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That's just most women, anon.

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Jesus christ Ina, what kind of comedic timing was that.

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This is literally "A cat is fine too."

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This doesn't even feel like a Dead Space game.

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Reminder that Takodachis are a bunch of big fat fatty fatties. Did you see them munch on all those cookies during Ina's RE7 stream? Cookie after cookie after cookie, they must weight tons. The fattest fanbase. A bunch of DOPEY FATTIES.

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1:37:03 [英訳/EN] Roberu's suggesting they do a Rampage next time instead and Kuku says that's a horrible idea
1:37:29 [英訳/EN] Oga's surprised that Roberu's not completely sloshed yet and Roberu says he'll probably be soon
1:38:28 [英訳/EN] Oga's 3D reveal is on the 24th, 8pm JST.
1:38:55 [英訳/EN] Oga : I'd be happy if you guys could drop by if you're free.
1:39:54 [英訳/EN] Kuku's wondering how should they end the stream and Oga suggests "Otsutoilet". The others are reacting with a "wtf" and Oga suggests they end with a toast instead
An absolutely incredible collab, I hope there's more of this in the future to come.

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You typed a shitload of words in order to essentially say "I'm a schizo."

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>providing anything besides a model

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>Guaranteed if Gura sang the exact same song with the exact same lyrics, you'd be slurping it up and calling it SONG OF THE YEAR 2021
maybe you're right. at least gura has a voice full of soul and is enjoyable to listen to.
>Delusional fucking cumbuds who start antiposting over any person who even comes close to threatening her only talent in life. Fucking lol.
you're the one who compared her music to gura's. if you're talking shit about my oshi i'm going to call you out. don't know what you expected by ragging on gura. what a colossal retard you must be lol

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