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Honest question: has any Hololive gen collectively streamed for as few hours over a continuous period of time than Council has? If so, did those streaming times ever turn around, and how long did it take?

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Status increased to senpais

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Hello GG or 2016 tourist? Omega is a producer not manager those are too different jobs you're going to have to find another boogie man

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Council girls who are better when joining in on VC without streaming themselves:

Council girls who are better on their own streams or when streaming while on VC:

Is this fair? I feel like the first three are all so much more entertaining and natural feeling when they're not having to play into character or feel like they're not on the spot, while the latter two are great performers who do well with that spotlight.

Bae is by far the most exaggerated example of this, where when she's off stream she's really great and chill and likeable, but on stream she has Mori saying "oh no" after every sudden screaming session.

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>Mumei is a Grad Student in a History Program
>Fauna is a registered nurse
>Kronii does voiceover work for the Japanese Subway system
>Bae is Roberu's secret mistress
>Sana sells bread and crystals to people out of her van

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>K cups, base size
>Largest and heaviest of her gen, sags slightly more than Kronii's
>Large pale-ish cream-colored areolas in contrast to her caramel skin, short and thick nubs for nipples
>If the stars and planets align, her breasts can shift sizes and may even lactate
>J cups
>Second largest of her group, soft to the touch
>Pink protruding nipples with average-sized areolas
>Even with the boob window, Kronii tends to build up a lot of boob sweat, especially underneath her large mounds
>While dwarfed by Kronii and Sana, her bossom is just as plump and bountiful as nature itself
>Soft, rosy pink nipples adorn her supple breasts, a faded outline circles around her medium-sized areolas
>During extreme weather conditions, her breasts will begin to leak milk in large quantities in order to nurture growth after potential natural disasters
>D cups
>When not hidden under her cape, her breasts are very perky and bouncy
>Puffy pale-brown areolas and small flat nubs for nipples, nipples are slightly darker
>Nipples get hard easily so they're are almost constantly poking out of her tops since she refuses to wear a bra
>Most modest but firm bust of her gen
>Her small puffy areolas are a light pink with cute inverted nipples
>Her nipples are super sensitive, becoming fully erect and visible with minimal stimulation
>Non-existant breasts save for two small nipples. Very erotic.

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10/10 had some great moments, I love these girls

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From left to right in this image:

Fauna became the sleeper hit of the gen. Instead of just being an ASMR-tist, she's a zatusdan queen with based taste in nostalgic games.

Sana, (somewhat surprisingly) isn't focused on art streams like would be expected, but she's massively into astrology so she's been making fun themed videos around star signs. She also likes playing bad games, which is a decent niche for gameplay. She's also a genki masochistic lesbian.

Bae is surprisingly conservative for her "Chaos" moniker. She loves chatting and has done the most pure Zatsu streams so far, with a few games peppered in for variety's sake. She's fairly relaxed on her own but becomes quite high energy during collabs.

Kronii is a chill streamer with an undeniably sexy voice. A lot of her game choices have been new titles never played before in Hololive, so her content feels pretty unique. She's made the most SC revenue, largely because she seems to enjoy reading out memes and doing voice requests. She's still learning to fill her dead air a bit.

Mumei is cute, and must be protected. She was the most nervous at debut and is definitely still the most nervous now. But she has a large suite of cute anime girl noises she makes when flustered and is also packing impressive singing and drawing skills in her toolkit. She's quite an airhead which produces no end of funny moments. Once she gets her confidence up enough the incline will be unreal.

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Pick your ideal watchalong for each Council member.

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The future looks so good.

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Weird, I find the gen to be top notch across the board. As an average, I already prefer Council to Myth.

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But which one gives the best hugs?

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All of them

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These are the avatars of the universal concepts that govern the universe as we know it. Do you like them?

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Cover PLEASE can we get at least one (1) EN GFE holo

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So, do we have any clues on why their debut was delayed yet? Or better yet a new date for their debuts?

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Why is Cover so fucking incompetent?
If one of your talent can't do her job, than just have all the others debut in the meanwhile, she can do it later and have the collab later too.
Why kill all the hype and week long build up?
Nobody is going to give a fuck about their debuts now since they continue to fuck up.

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Make your prediction number experts, who's going to be the big superchat earner(s) of the upcoming gen? Without having looked at any roommate speculation or tweets and going purely off design I'm going to order them Ceres > Hakos > Sana > Mumei > Kronii

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Which of the Councils like Minecraft? Which like APEX?

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